FOLLOW YOUR HEART / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Have you got up one balmy
summer dawn
With the excited chirping of tiny humming birds
Flitting merrily on the hedgerows
Celebrating their tiny feather ball of
An existence with sparkling gusto ?
Did you not get inspired by their
Determined spirit
To live life in cheerful gratitude
Busily going about their business
With a song on their beaks
And a swagger in their flight ?
The tiniest of creatures teach me
Many a lesson in fortitude
The organised laborious plodding
Of the teeny weeny ants as they
March in single file to their
Enormous ant hill
A wondrous sand castle reflecting
The sheer power of following one’s heart !
Copyright Lily Swarn 17 .6.2016

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