Author of 140 books, laureate of Franz Kafka and many other international awards,
Dr Jernail Anand’s epic DOMINION OF THE NETHERWORLD, is a sequel to “Lustus: The Prince of Darkness”, and the central part of the planned tripartite epic song dedicated to Mahakaal (Lord Shiva). Just to have such a grand vision and vigor to undertake a poem of such epic proportions is a unique accomplishment in the 21st century with no match today! We have to look for comparisons in classical epic literature or to turn to today’s cinematic epics such as “Star Wars” where good always conquers the bad as is projected to happen in the third part of Anand’s grand trilogy.
Dr. Jernail Singh Aanand is, as I stated before, the greatest poet among philosophers and the greatest philosopher among poets but I will add to this that he is also the greatest moralist and idealist in 21st century world literature! He was recently awarded a Franz Kafka prize that couldn’t be placed in better hands!
The true moralists are always prone to be great satirists as he had already proven in “Lustus” where I dared to compare him with Daniel Dafoe at his sharpest.
But Anand’s poetic opus is not here just to be a piece of art for art’s sake but has an ethical mission of the highest order! Dr. Aanand believes in nothing less than that the power of Poetry (with capital P) to change the world or, at least, in his the poet should do best in trying!
And does he try! Dr Anand never ceases to surprise me and impress me with how prolific he is as an author, editor and publisher! I hope that the world soon recognizes it as I do!
The mythological epic titled “ Lustus” dealt with Cosmic War fought between forces of God and Satan. Ultimately, the forces of Satan were defeated by the supreme godess Durga.
Both “Dominion of Netherworld” and “Lustus” are our “Paradise Lost” while the third epic ‘The Ultronic Age’ is projected to be our “Paradise Regained” – the first two epics being satires of the prevailing political system which is a parody of the true democracy where angels fight against demons and lose but as, by the divine interference, the good will prevail the rule of angels is to be established on the earth. The spirit of Anand’s epic world and his new myths is to negate the rule of fake democracy and establish a true meritocracy which is the rule of goodness over evil and the governance by the human society of justice, equality and high moral virtue regardless of color and creed.
Dr Anand is a true humanist in the world that is becoming less and less human! Cudos to him!
Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic
World Icon of Literature, Serbia-US

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