Formation of Poetry / By: Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah
Formation of Poetry
Just as the word ‘poetry’ comes to our audition, some conceptual features related to our poetic knowledge activate our psychology as a pre-established agent through which we experience, identify and realize poetry. But it is true that our outlook about things is frequently changing with the passage of time. Necessarily or evolutionarily. We consider it as the reflection of our progressive thought about our contemporary sense. But in reality, in spite of being changed, we have such basic sensitivities which never change and these sensitivities exist ever. As for an example, “We are man”—we can never set aside this sensitivity, concept and identity. We can never forget it or change anymore. The man, we walked once only on foot, rode on horse and step by step we used car, plane etc.. With the necessity of time we used different vehicles but in all of the cases we, man remained man too. We became speedy; But this speed could not change the nature and identity of our human entity anymore. In all the periods we and our corporeality, mentality and value of morality basically remained unchanged.
In the field of poetry, we have no scope of avoiding this flowing and natural truth.
Poetry is a reflection of introspective intuition that is revealed through a special wordy project with an outstanding meaning of its instinctive nature. It is the artistic technique of poetry. It is special with its meaning, imagination, flow and lyric. This lyrical flow is the pulsation of poetry. All of these are combined in a rhythmic pattern of poetic formation. It is not different from the basic concept of poetry as it is originated from its basic sensation. Therefore, rhythm is an inevitable element of poetry even if how it could be applied that is a different question and a matter of experiment too. But it couldn’t be directly ignored. If it is ignored, poetry would be then a prose and it will miss its nature and identity. We have some specific concepts or characteristic ideas about story, novel and prose too which identify them individually. That is why, we have no logical base to make them confusing to the poetry. In fact, it has no any inevitability too. Then, just doing or having something new is not a positive way of true progression rather it can be said as an subdued application. It is a normal truth that poetry will be evoluted by the time but how and how much evolution will be achieved that is a different question rather in every cases poetry has to be poetry too. It means poetic evolution should be done but any ruining process. In all the stages of evolution it should have its origin and save the basic distinctive ideas related to its existential knowledge.
As such human body is formed with the combination of different organs, poetry is formed and developed too in that way of combination of some basic characteristics and makes an artistic feature of word. It achieves progress evolutionary, not revolutionary. Human being forms its entity with visual body and nonvisual soul. We obviously know that corporeality is directly sensible but soul is spiritual. Corporeality is experiencing elementary and, so it is concrete but soul is intellectual or intuitional, then it is abstract. Again, as such soulless body is dead, a poetry with words but meditation may not be a perfect poetry even though magical. Word is the body of poetry and meditation is the activities of its mind. Therefore, no lively poetry could be truly created but a perfect combination of word and meditation. It means both objectivity and subjectivity are the inevitable elements of poetry. Sensitivity with perfect emotion is the flow of language. It is the source of poetry and must needed for it. we can depict it as the spiritual activity of poetry. Without it poetry is locked and averse to life. If sensitive emotionality does not come out of the words, then how it could be said a poetry. This type of prosaic poetry does not have any appeal or inspiration.
True sense means such a thing that is the source of active sensitivity and appealing to the rhythm of creativity that holds intellectuality and emotionality and wants to overcome objective artificiality to be sensibly meaningful to the subjectivity through an outstanding aesthetic introspection. Poetry is mainly that kind of aesthetic texture.

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