Gulten Doğruyol İnce (Turkey)

Gulten Doğruyol İnce (Turkey)
Gulten Doğruyol İncesu is born in Ardahan Hanak and living in Istanbul.
She is a mother of one child.
Gülten Doğruyol İncesu has written “Ilgıt”, “Yürek Kuyusu” and “Merhaba Mavi” poetry books and “Mendil” story book. In her poems, she tells about life, hope and love.
She loves people, children, animals, poetry and life very much and she keeps writing.
There’s no place for my heart
There is no place for despair
You get involved in the crowds again
You are again
To the enthusiastic flood of squares
We will break the chain of fear
An almond tree
How it blooms
That’s how we’ll hug life
There is no giving up my heart
Never don’t give up
We resist again
We are yin side by side
Life is very narrow these days, very
To laments, to tears
There is no place for loneliness
Enlarge your steps
You have raised birds in your window
You soaked the breads on plates early in the morning
Your human side has always been ahead
That’s why the Haramis are always after us
You always stay beautiful, my heart
Always stay beautiful
Dear god
All this hair is too much for me
Only two eyes for me are few understand it’ s coming
i want the third one, the third
to see all the sorrows
and to all of them to cry
they’re bad when they have to be beautiful
trying to process the pain and turn it into a flower
there is a lot of talk about the apocalypse, but
and the day of Resurrection
but one should stubbornly keep a lush olive sapling
he should also call on the night of the blackest day.
that old song
that poem
that island steamer
the sleep of death is light
but if you forget to live
poke ha poke if you don’t wake up
what remains of this festival
this is as far as you can get from the green plain
back from this azure sea
i know we always loved sparrows
they are making slingshots and selling slingshots
but still even for the worst day
in their hearts
comfortable and beautiful forests should be visited by people
he should also call in the most painful morning.
that beautiful day
that sweet memory
it’s a fight of a lifetime for that fight

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