Önder ÇOLAKOĞLU (Turkey)

Önder ÇOLAKOĞLU (Turkey)
Önder ÇOLAKOĞLU was born in İskenderun. He lives in Izmir. He has two daughters named Ekin and Deniz. He works as a Specialist Doctor (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology) in a private hospital in Izmir.
His poems and text were published in the magazines Varlık, Yeni e, Bireylikler, Sincan İstasyonu, Hurriyet Gösteri, Sözcükler, Eliz Edebiyat, Akatalpa, Çini Edebiyat, Caz Kedisi, Edebiyat Nöbeti, Hayal, Yaşam Sanat and Iran Tabriz in Persian and Azerbaijani Turkish in Ghoroob.
His first book, ‘Çapak’ was from Hayal Publishing in January 2018, and the second book ‘Taş Uğultusu’ was published in November 2019 by Hayal Publishing. The book ‘Taş Uğultusu’ won the Ruhi Türkyılmaz Art House award in 2020
Life didn’t take off its masks.
The clues of murder reach to the night we butt the world
I feel like searching form y land.
Life has nailed me to the trivet of a furious resistance.
I made weapons out of cloth fabrics.
It writes on the last page of an autopsy report.
Dark cut into slices.
Any way you look at i,
İt’s a suspicious death.
Does the night cover this?
I miss to attend the dimness of a fluorescent lamp
It was a wonderful life.
Every time I look at it, the ones in the photo decrease.
I go underground in a beautiful slalom.
There is no date for the flower that blooms in the nook.
I started reading the credentials backwards.
Life calls out from the back pocket of washed trousers.
If I’m thirsty, IoneIiness absorbs even your blood.
A collective death note is written.
I Iife scarecrows of cloth on the walss.
Dogs Iooking out the window sense the strangeness.
What they call dying according to the procedure.
I creep into the groin of an autopsy report, leaving delusions
Lisping dreams will reveal the truth
I pursue a looted dream.
I buton up death in reverse on life.
How does a love fit into a shadow
Long trips were not made in advance
The leaves took their heads and left
Leaves don’t know how to die better than love
Let’s wait for the white femininity of the morning
A fertile sun hangs, making you forget about yesterday
On the capillary of the leaves it says a blue longing
He shows his wings as he reads waiting
You will feel the echo of your turns on your neck
I’ve had long deaths
Silence hides in the forest to drink your lover’s milk
Pigeons do not take their heads and leave
He’s got more teeth on my back.
How does a love fit into a shadow
The roads are beautiful for those who want to meet the most
I’m collecting flowers
Eggs are cracking, life seems to get the excitement and delicacy of a new birth in the inner gnawing silence
Even the summer deaths were nice
Dreaming of escaping the pendulum of time and getting rid of it
Like the cities whose borders I want to search for on maps
The hours of loneliness you can’t name
It is actually the season to go to collect olives
I’m amazed at the innocence of butterflies
Tear off and tear off your wings, get lost in the projections of the forest
The essence of life is the resin dripping from the cone
I broke your comfort while waiting for the rain of the earth
I kiss the sounds of horseshoes
How many times do you die in someone else’s dream
You’ve had memories that you’ve swallowed.
Actually, the kids were early

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