Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay
The coquettish moon in ebony embrace
Kissed by the tiffany clouds;
Romancing in the silence of the night
Drenched in love’s nectar, at once shy and proud.
The poor stars, maidens of lesser cosmos,
Forever await the touch of Eros!
While the moon having made love
Scatters its grace on earth from above!
And as the night melts in its passionate heat,
A golden dawn with carmine fringes greets!
Bedecked with the wetness of the night
A rosy morning with honeyed promises bright,
Another day to seize, another shot at life!
Blue eyes as deep as the sea
Walnut shell face
Oozing hazel sheen
Wrinkles of experience gazed!
An Adonis of yesteryear
A man of Steel sans any fear
Many a Gordian knot untied
Braved life’s tempests
Darkness defied!
Trusting mankind waded to the shores
Responsibilities galore on his broad shoulders bore
Glint in his glistening eyes
Pleated inside hushed cries
Ivory beard,almond palm
Resting on it a visage so calm!
Life’s lesson learnt
In the autumn of his age
Imbued with wisdom
An elegant sage!
Overlooks at the warm blood young
Each trying to grapple with troubles life flung!
Selective ignorance! They know the outcome
Irrespective, each one rebuilds the ship
Singing the song that once the lost sailor had sung!

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