Poems by Linda B. Scanlan

Poems by Linda B. Scanlan
Ten Thousand Miles
I would walk 10,000 miles just to bring you a sip of water
I know of your thirst
First hand
I understand what it is to feel parched even though glaciers are melting all around us
And rivers are overflowing their banks
Even the sky cries
Sometimes it’s rain Sometimes it’s shrapnel
I would swim through turbulent seas
Through riptides bound to disorient
Your smile is my Northstar
With you by my side
I’ll never be lost…………..
The Frailties of Belief
I understand this surely
When love is not love but a lie we told ourselves
The heart grows weary
The soul folds inward
And blood, once warm
Grows cold
I understand
Every stark syllable uttered
A dark reminder of the frailties of belief…………….
Linda, 2022 ©️

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