Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Noon and suddenly it got dark,
a thud in my chest made me shiver.
I felt a sense of solemnity
as if the universe
wanted to give us a warning.
Will it be?
The universe has already given us
so many warnings
and we have remained deaf and dumb!
What will it be this time?
Severe punishments for our passivity
and disinterest?
Or one more call to action
to cheer us up?
The world is collapsing,
we will be buried
by the rubble we cause
and we insist on remaining numb
watching the illusory performance of violins.
Until when?
Long time
since this stage has closed the curtains.
Right next to us
some brothers kill each other
and we shrug our shoulders…
It just seems to motivate us
growing poppies!
I know it wasn’t easy
but also what is easy,
has no spiritual value.
What seems transcendent to us,
we put on a divine scale.
Transcendent is dying on the cross,
and continue to love your executioners,
this without a doubt, It’s just for Jesus!
Jesus was killed and rose again,
I didn’t die and I will not rise.
If my life was spared,
was to give me the opportunity
to learn what Jesus taught
and in time to put it into practice.
I am an attentive student,
I strive to learn.
Some that hurt me
already needed my help
and I helped without resentment,
with goodwill and love.
Understanding is needed
and learn to love.
It takes patience, forgiveness
and self-discipline.
Trauma and abuse are not forgotten.
One learns to live without regret
when we raise self-esteem
and we love ourselves.
At this point,
we will already be at a level above matter.
Love is the great miracle-worker!
Everything has a purpose.
love our enemies,
love those who hurt us,
convert this love
in disinterested help,
that’s what Jesus taught us.
if I learned
you can learn too.
Every new single day
there is one more opportunity,
let’s not leave it for tomorrow,
tomorrow is uncertain.
The more wisdom
we will better deal with setbacks.
Wisdom is evolution,
evolution is kindness!
We all come with a mission,
a purpose that needs to be discovered,
so that we don’t go through life in vain.
Life is a huge screen,
the problem,
is when we look with dull eyes
what it shows to us.
We all come for love and to love
and when we found out
that only love satiates us
and makes us evolve,
this is great!
The source of my spiritual growth
was born in that place and at that time,
remote in time,
still alive in memory.
They offered me all the conditions
to make me a bitter person.
I was rejecting…
I used only the “silver of the house”;
my strengths and skills
and I never stopped being a sweet person.
I transform evil,
into something that makes me good.
It makes me grow as a human being.
It makes me love myself and others.
It makes me understand
what seems incomprehensible!
When I mentalized
that it is the joy that energizes us
and makes us jump for joy
as if we had springs in our feet,
in sadness, I kicked.
I let the fermentation
of the bad things
become sauerkraut!
Sauerkraut has immense benefits…
I took stones, lots of stones
and today I bless whoever threw them,
were blessings
that brought me fulfilment and joy.
we just stone the tree that has healthy fruit!
Today I say without shame
Blessed evil that broke me down
and helped me (re)build myself.
Today I look at myself…
and I like the fortress I see!
©Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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