Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro
Prolonged Nights
The newspapers on the table
With our blunders in print
The manufactured words
Queuing up to propagate lies
Synthesis of conspiracies
In-between the words
And all the smiling faces
Of photo seasons, alongside
The imperishable liars
With their broken promises
And for the decades on and on
The route march of the traders
Trading deaths with aspirations
Limiting us beyond revolutions
The sunlight on our faces
Makes the night even prolonged…
The Wait
Waiting for someone
The night is cold today
Streetlights are watching
The traffic, not so heavy
Unlike the other days
Every night has its own theme
Tuned up to an unique rhythm
Wind is blowing, like some
Meek persons talking in low voice
And the shadows are growing larger
Peoples are returning to home
From their busy schedules
Unlike someone like me
With nowhere to return, and
Nothing to remain busy with
Still I’m waiting for him
Someone, predicted to come
Tonight, with nothing to offer
Me, or anyone else, only to be
Recognized as the God, incarnated
The night is listening behind
The shadows, the story of every step
Different in vigor and directions
And I’m waiting for him
To be incarnated tonight unlike me…

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