TO EUROPE WITH LOVE-5 (THE -ISM Family of LITERATURE) / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
O WORD, Glory be to You!
See how man race did build
For you the Greatest Altar ever:
Not out of stones or marble
Nor wood or even clay an’ sand
Rather, thoughts written … uttered
To echo, soft an’ loud, throughout
The very ears of our long history
An echo that nothing, nothing
Will ever be able to silence
Dear Europe,
Just look back at your glory past,
See how you’ve enriched the human spirit
With your great schools of literature
And as literature has made the WORD Alive,
Telling Him to dance to the rhythms
Of syllables, feeling, and meaning
To mold the masterpieces of POETRY
Or, enabling Him to weave
Events, dialogues with characters
Across space and time to create PLAYS
In all that, my heart’s eyes can see
Your immortal masters
Of the Word’s Eternal Art.
Yes, for as I’m writing these lines,
I feel each one of them looking at me;
Homer of your Greek Time with his ClassicISM
And the Iliad is still in our hearts and minds
Ovid of your Roman era with his ‘Ars Amatoria’
Or ‘the Art of Love’ that I wish to learn
Oh, Chaucer! Your ‘Canterbury Tales’ shouts
Your wild criticism against the institutions,
Yet, reveals your own profound Faith
See, dear Europe, how Dante
Of your great Renaissance with his HumanISM
Still twinkling through his ‘La Vita Nova’ and ‘La Comedia’!
Europe! Your daughter France must remember
Montesquieu of your Enlightenment
As his ‘Histoire véritable’ or ‘True History’ is still alive
Europe! Tell your England not to forget
those Bronte’s genius girls
As I’m hearing ‘Jane Eyre’ and their other works
Still whispering the secrets of your RomanticISM
And how can I forget you, my dear Teacher,
William Blake, as you open us on Life Eternal
With the key of your poem ‘The Land of dreams’?
I can hear ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ voices
Thundering through Fyodor Dostoevsky’s RealISM
Émile Zola! Please, come read me
Your ‘la Joie de Vivre or ‘The Joy of Living’ of France’s NaturalISM!
Rilke! I’m longing to read your ‘Duino Elegies‘
That marks the German ModerniISM
And you, dear Miguel de Cervantes of Spain,
Do you know that we see you, with your Don Quixote,
As the early precursor of PostmodernISM?
Yet, with all those literary paths,
The Word is still waiting and waiting
To Make Himself Flesh again …
In our minds, hearts, and bodies.
With my design.
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