Poems by Carlos Mijares Poyer

Poems by Carlos Mijares Poyer
Brittle is the corn in your mouth
Like vodka in a single glass
The truth unseen in your smile.
No one told you to confuse the muse
If it was one like a flower
Conceal brevity like a poem
And story like river bed calm unseen.
The clouds understood the wise man
He had no ears, one eye and a long arm,
The hands of truth and the ballet-like gait of the mathematician.
Come to know the dialogue like lost petal derelict in the sea
For the survivor who claimed hunger of spirit
And burned his rags for warmth.
The nordic lake awaits the suicidal crowd
As the birds sing life ever again.
From afar I see you.
To see death.
Like a firefly lights and dims,
Life is a slow light, unseen…
The rock in the inert river. The stars swallowed by
The black holes of dawn,
The black eyes and death.
The Ice of the Sun
on your back.
The vehement river of trees speak
the fleas, yes, the fleas
call out unnamed death in life
and the soliloquy of the working-class stars
the atrocious circumstances
of the circumstances as the Spanish philosopher said
call of the last screaming sigh
life in one day;
and the swirl of the eye chiaroscuro
heard palpitating legs
like the color of oranges
of those dressed girls
in deceased ivory
to tell a regrettable fable in English
initiated the breaking of the drop
upon high brow and forehead distilled
and the rupture of the twin soul
hunched back and standing.
Nothing matters,
only death
like a firefly
ignites and dims
life is a slow light
light blue azure species
and a streetlamp afar
breaks its pupil
like a swollen moon
and almost a pilot’s telescope
lost starred a dream
of cetaceans, amalgamate those pink dolphins
drawing a horizon,
when drowned crickets
Emerged like golden deities
for another sunset.

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