Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Deep eyes
Irresistible lips
My heart suddenly
very loud
Days are bright
in your presence
You are special
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
V-is for vigorous ,you inspire others
A-is for angelic ,you have a kind heart
S-is for sincere ,a worthy friend
I-is for independent ,you find your own way
L-is for lovable ,a soul of gold
E-is for elegant of refines style
VASILE you are special
I adore you
dedicated my Romanian friend Vasile
Perfect are your heart
More beautiful than the stars
How precious you are
Perfect are your soul.
More beautiful than the rainbow
How precious you are
I adore you
wonderful day
early morning
letters under my pillow
wonderful day
Like a gentle summer breeze
touching my face.
So soft and warm.
I am happy.
I can’t imagine my life without you
I love you
you are strong and kind
you are so beautiful and honest
you are so easy to love
so hard to forget
i love you
i miss you
I can’t imagine my life without you
true love
your name
beautiful flower
on my lips
I am alone
Here I am
I am alone
I am afraid
No more light
no more happiness
Here I am in the darkness
without you
but nothing is never perfect
I wake up
I check my phone
I don’t know why
I am unhappy.
I am confused.
I don’t know why
I love you more and more
Where are you?
I think about you all the time
I want to touch you
Where is the warmth of your hands?
The sky is black
The world is feverish.
Where is beauty?
Where is the warmth of your hands?
I miss you.
I swear.
I am cursed.
Can’t be happy for to long.
I don’t know what to do
I am sad.
I miss you
When I open my eyes
When I open my eyes
The morning old and ugly.
I am alone again.
I cry like a child.
My heart as heavy lead.
I feel so empty.
My lips is dry.
i am desolate.
I miss you.
I still love you
You are my universe.
forbidden love
love is great
love is kind
you are beautiful
you are my only sunshine
you are the twinkle in my eyes
he said
I want to believe you.
I am waiting for you.
Please come for me.
The tears down run my face
Birds chiriping..
I am bored…without you
The tears down run my face..
My life seems hazy

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