SURVIVOR / Poem by Dr. Shalini Yadav

Shalini Yadav
Dr Shalini Yadav holds a PhD in Post-colonial Literature and M. Phil in ELT from University of Rajasthan. She has done a course in Advanced Creative Writing from University of Oxford, UK. She has progressive teaching experience of 15 years at college level in India, Libya and Saudi Arabia. She has participated and presented papers in many conferences, chaired sessions and delivered lectures. She has edited and authored 10 books. Many of her short stories and poems have been published in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies, besides, she is member of various literary and poetry societies. Additionally, she has meticulously written research articles for various International refereed journals and edited volumes and is also reviewer of various qualitative International journals of different countries.
I realize every so often
Diaspora within myself
Where the displacement occurs
Two spheres; two identities
I keep on crossing the borders of each
As what I am supposed to be sometimes
Or what I am exactly
My identity disperses
From one periphery to another
Sensitized estrangement
Distancing hostility
Which I often experience
And resist with great efforts
Within and in exterior
Adjustment of two identities
Which try to surmount one another
I shuttle between both
Which are two different shelves of me
As opposite to each other
Sometimes conflict;
Attempt to overlap
I am occupied by both
Keep on shifting
When I enter in one’s margin
The other continues to haunt me
As one is traditional and customary
Another is enlightened and contemporary
They combat and fight back
And try to change them
From hyphenated
To un-hyphenated identity
I face an ever changing uncertainty
This makes me an outsider
Occasionally deep inside me
The sense of impermanence
Makes me a diasporic within
And I exist between two opposite poles
It requires lots of strength and vigour
To suffer the trauma
To adjust myself
Between the pull and push of two selves
Furthermore I try to assimilate them
I apply the strategy of negotiation
And carry on with hyphenated identity
To be a competent survivor.
©Shalini Yadav

One thought on “ SURVIVOR / Poem by Dr. Shalini Yadav

  1. Excellent!

    You write of the never ending conflict of the immigrant…the refugee…the exiled….reminds me of Jumpa Lahiri’s “The Inheritance.”

    You ask –

    What do we owe tradition
    What do we give up to live in modernity?

    The discord rises and rolls

    You captured it perfectly.. ..

    Thank you,

    Linda 🐝

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