Desire (QASIDA) / Poem by Caroline Laurent Turunc

Poem by Caroline Laurent Turunc
Desire (QASIDA)
O generosity and grace, black waters run down of my mother’s knees
proclaims his dark kingdom in the depths of the plains.
Mind and ideas are ground like flour between two millstones that have fallen into the hands of those who have not had their share of humanity;
The hills are far from good, far from peace, longing for power, victory and creativity,
O glorious, creative, formative, beneficial, regulating, compassionate, generous, rewarding
far from everyone, close to everyone,
The tulips are crushed, the cry of pain from the footsteps of the oppressors breaks my heart.”
The oppressors of oppression cry out with joy.
The rivers are shallow and dark, common sense embraced misery
Hungry Wolves eat all the food on the table until it cracks.
Like executioners, they fell to the glory of the sultanate,
who do not hesitate to be seen everywhere every day,
With those who think nothing but their lust and are indifferent to every sound.
Messy, insensitive people who don’t learn from any mistakes,
They wither the carnations of the younger generation,
O the most generous of the generous,
the most generous of donors,
who sends the winds, creates the mornings,
See these rivers rustle,
see the silence of the falling leaves”
Swallows are tired, sweating as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their wings.
“Preparation for difficult times”, guardian of solitude, dear comrade in solitude, benefactor in blessed times “,
All roads flutter in a cloud of dust trapped in the arms of despair,
The support of the unsupported, the accumulation of the unsupported, the shelter of the unsupported,
protector of those who have no protector,
The treasure of the one who has no treasure,
the basis of the unfounded,
the help of those who have no one to help,
The neighbor of the one who has no neighbor, my neighbor who is always with me, O my pen,
All suffering and poverty are in a vicious circle sitting cross-legged. They hug the skirts of women sitting helplessly on the pebbles.
All the evil that were around were gathered together, as if they had sworn to annihilate their own tribe and not leave any of them alive.
O who do not remain silent to the cry of the dolphin in the darkness of the sea,
All the names made unique in the science of the unseen, the glorious ranks of the throne, the abundance of mercy and the seas behind the seas. trees and pens on earth, seven seas (more). .
O giver and taker of all things without hesitation
What you expect from humanity with your consent and will, we want the same as you expect!

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