Resmi Osmani (Albania)

  Resmi Osmani (Albania)   Ka lindur në Mazrek të Çamërisë më 5.5.1940. I diplomuar agronom. kontribute në kërkimin shkencor bujqësor. Në fushën e letërsisë, ka filluar debutimin pas vitit 2004, por me denduri më të madhe pas vitit … Continue reading

Cao Tian ([中国]曹天) – China

  [中国]曹天   作者简介:曹天,中国当代著名诗人、作家,1968年生于河南省兰考县。法学博士。出版著作《天下英雄》《大地交响》《落草为寇》等七部,有诗文入编大学、中学教材。曾获《人民文学》年度奖和中华诗词大赛金奖。2012年入选《剑桥世界名人录》。   Cao Tian, a famous poet and writer in contemporary China, was born in 1968 in Lankao County, Henan Province. He holds PhD degree in law, and is the author of seven books such as Heroes … Continue reading

Irina Shulgina (Russia)

  Irina Shulgina (Russia)   Composer, poet, singer, vocal teacher. Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Honorary figure of literature and Art of the International Academy of LIK. Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts. Author … Continue reading

Elham Hamedi (Iran)

  Elham Hamedi (Iran)   Elham Hamedi was born in 1967 in Iran – Shiraz. She is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, a master’s degree in artistic research … Continue reading

Aneeta Chitale (India)

Aneeta Chitale (India)
For Aneeta Chitale loves writing poems on war and peace, nature, woman and climate change. Her poems are globally published in various literary international journals, Atunis Galaxy in Belgium OnLine Magazine and great anthologies and most recently published in USA n France. She is a bestselling author of her debut novel based on India’s bilateral relations with Republic of Maldives.
A bilingual poet read in Egypt, Bangladesh, Nepal and Greece.
She is a critic for famous authors.
Adding feathers to her cap, she has also has acted in a movie in India.
Peace Begins In Our Heart
Raging nations
Waging wars for arsenal
and ascending frontiers
Flying hawkers, stinger missiles, gunshots and tanks buring in blazes
All to shoot the enemy down
Do or Die! Is the godam word
Bloody bath, and battle cry
Is seen in ghost towns and barns
Killing of innocent people, the old and the young- too naive to understand the ploys of coy nations!
The nation bleeding, people fleeing
All refugees now, in foreign lands
Escape ! Refuge! Harassed minds and Hallucinations of the bombings
Sirens trilling , orphaned children and deluded , helpless parents.
Living in bare minimums now , in charred buildings n bunkers
Life tumbled like a pack of cards!
Life is so fragile!
Exodus of a nation
Crying for Peace!
Peace to breathe Peace to feel Peace to preserve brotherhood !
By (c) Poet Aneeta Chitale

陳光億 宗师 GRAND MASTER JASON TAN BENG SIANG – 【世文联】创会全球总顾问 【FOWCAAS】Founding Global Chief Counsel

  陳光億 宗师 GRAND MASTER JASON TAN BENG SIANG 创会全球总顾问 Founding Global Chief Counsel   陳光億宗师 – 新加坡人,在自然科学及易学文化之探索二十余年,一直潜心钻研国学、养生、儒、释、道,博览古今众多中西名著和易学名著,成功参透用自然科学的奥秘来诠释传统“易经”的理论,在博采众家之长的基础上经过大胆的实践,以源远流长的阴阳五行和自然科学,再根据自己演算的心得和经验,总结出并开创一套新颕的【三变数】学说,也开拓了新易经的自然生命科学,其中包括了环境规划(风水)、人生规划(命理)之数理领域,无私地公开其中的真实内涵,并将它深入浅出的解开生命科学密码,应用这门自然科学来改善生活,并让全世界不同信仰、不同族群、不同区域和新多元文化的这一代人们受惠。   Grand Master Jason Tan, a Singaporean, in the past 20 years, has been engaged in the study of natural science and … Continue reading