Dr. Salma Naimi (Algeria)

  Dr. Salma Naimi (Algeria)   * Writer and thinker Salma Naimi *Jurist and certified lawyer *Jurist and certified lawyer *Academic researcher in international management *I studied Arabic literature, majoring in criticism *Translator *She  studied languages at the International Institute … Continue reading

Irina  Lucia MIHALCA (Romania)

  Irina  Lucia  MIHALCA (Romania)   Date and place of birth: 05. 05. 1967 – Piatra Neamt – Romania Residence: Bucharest Email: mihalca_irina@yahoo.com   Education and Training:   Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest-specialization Finance-Banks-Economic Management Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest … Continue reading

Armando Noriega (Mexico)

  Armando Noriega (Mexico)   Armando Noriega is Journalist, poet and cultural promoter. Director of the Cultural Mood Magazine; organizer of different cultural festivals such as the University Festival of Literature and Arts and the International Festival of Culture and … Continue reading

Emine Tokmakkaya (Turkey)

  Emine Tokmakkaya (Turkey)   https://www.saatchiart.com/eminetokmakkaya?fbclid=IwAR3xn1rPNccma0AZUh4B1Lh8zOJyMBJ7lZAWznugL-akXEG2mB9ePD-gXOA   http://www.turkishpaintings.com/index.php?p=34&l=1&modPainters_artistDetailID=2509&fbclid=IwAR1dPHgchn5oXgHLeBDbx1-aAHUzstssARQZxDvEGOAs7kKEhDOC5BSpDyE   I live in Istanbul and Turkey for education.   I graduated from the Faculty of Education and Art of Ankara Gazi University. I am an Art Educator and I create creative … Continue reading

Tuğçe Tekhanlı (Cyprus)

  Tuğçe Tekhanlı (Cyprus)   Tuğçe Tekhanlı was born in 1990 in Nicosia, Cyprus. She has done her bachelor’s degree at the department of English-French Translation and Interpreting at Hacettepe University. She got her postgraduate certificate from the University of … Continue reading

Duška Vrhovac (Serbia)

  Duška Vrhovac (Serbia)   Duška Vrhovac, a poet, writer, journalist and translator was born in Banja Luka, now the state of Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1947. She graduated Comparative Literature (Department of World Literature) at the … Continue reading

Emna Copedi (COLOMBIA)

  Emna Copedi (COLOMBIA)   Poet, writer, declaimer and plastic artist from Colombia, author of several unpublished books and participant in more than one hundred anthologies from fifty countries and her poems have been translated into several languages ​​obtaining important … Continue reading

Ricardo Plata (Mexico)

  Ricardo Plata (Mexico) Ricardo Plata (Mexico City, 1994). He studied Hispanic Literature at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He is author of the poetry collection Para habitar mi nombre under the Literalia publishing label. He was a fellow of the … Continue reading