Ade Caparas Manilah (Australia)

  Ade Caparas Manilah, an international professional designer/artist, a poetess who had authored/published the very first poetry duet book, “the Wind my Lover” (erotic poetic conversation) and another book, “A Woman of Essence” featuring 26 internationally known poetesses, is in … Continue reading

Lіudmyla Diadchenko (Ukraine) Lіudmyla Diadchenko (2.08.1988, Kyiv, Ukraine) Poet, a Vice President of Ukrainian Writers Association, Ukrainian literary rating “The Book of the Year” expert, member of World Nations writers’ Union (Kazakhstan). Doctor of philosophy (Theory of literature), works at Taras Shevchenko … Continue reading

Stefan Bohdan (USA)

  Stefan Bohdan lives in Orlando, Florida USA. He is retired from the architectural/engineering/construction world. He now spends his time writing poems and novels. His English poems have been published in multiple books, anthologies, journals, Ezines and translated into Persian … Continue reading

Tian Yu (China)

Tian Yu (China)   Tian Yu, born in 1994 in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, Member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Tai’an Writers Association, member of Chinese Ancient Poetry Society, director of CCTV’s “Smart China” column group, member of American … Continue reading

Natalia Nedjalkova (Bullgari

Natalia Nedjalkova (Bullgari   Natalia Nedjalkova (Наталия Недялкова) është poete dhe përkthyese nga Bullgaria. Ka lindur në Rusi, ndërsa prej vitit 1984 jeton në Bullgari. Në Universitetin e Sofjes, në Fakultetin e Filologjisë Sllave u diplomua për gjuhë polake. Ajo … Continue reading

Abdulla ORIPOV (Uzbekistan)

Abdulla ORIPOV (Uzbekistan)   ЙИЛЛАР АРМОНИ Инсон ўз умрини ўйласа кўп вақт Қийнайди ўзидан ўтган қусурлар. Кимгадир айтилмай қолган бир раҳмат, Кимдандир сўралмай қолган узрлар. Мукаммал кўрмоқчи бўлдик дунёни, Етук бўлолмадик ўзимиз бироқ. О, йиллар армони, йиллар армони, Армон кўрмадим … Continue reading

Rajashree Mohapatra (India)

  Born in Odisha in India received her masters degree in ‘History’ and ‘Journalism and Mass Communication from Utkal University. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management, from Sambalpur University, … Continue reading

Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

  Master’s degree in Physics from the Plovdiv University. Chief Expert at the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, Sofia. Author of twelve books: poetry, novel, collection of short stories, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. … Continue reading

Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

  Lecturer of Bulgarian language for foreign students – Medical University, Plovdiv. Author of 6 books of poetry, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Participated in anthologies and editions in Japan, Philippines, India, China, … Continue reading