Shakil Kalam (Bangladesh)

  Shakil Kalam (Bangladesh)   Root Finder poet Shakil Kalam from Bangladesh received Master Degree in Governance Studies (MGS) from University of Dhaka.   He is known as Central Banker, Corporate Governance Specialist, Researcher as well as Child-Litterateur, Writer, translator. … Continue reading

Ajne Iberhysaj (Kosova)

  Ajne Iberhysaj (Kosova)   Ajne Ibërhysaj was born on November 17, 1973 in Deçan. She studied at the University “Aleksandër Xhuvani” in Elbasan-Albania, branch General Bio-Chemistry. In the “Victory” college, in Prishtina she studied the bachelor and master study … Continue reading

Rudina Çupi (Albania)

  Rudina Çupi (Albania)     Rudina Çupi is an Albanian writer. She has studied Albanian Language and Literature at the University of Tirana. Her artistic activity includes four poetry books: “© All rights reserved” (2015); “®”(2010); Shkopsitje / “Unbuttoning” … Continue reading

Nevin Koçoğlu (Turkey)

  Nevin Koçoğlu (Turkey)   Nevin Koçoğlu is a Turkish poet, jounalist, environmentalist and human rights activist. Born in Gaziantep, she lived in Istanbul during her childhood years and moved,when she was an adult,to the Turkish capital Ankara where she … Continue reading