Poems by Susana Roberts


susan roberts

Poems by Susana Roberts





I have had a vision

Sorry to say it is not a good one

burned earth,

screaming beneath the earth, “the seed”

begging for food, children on the street

and my childhood fantasy images crying


Again the smoke, colors disappear

even the Hope, rich memories, laughter

Not only is terrorism, the weapons of hell

Are an Industry


People without dialogue

times of risk, urgency of this century

they cannot understand each other, nor the neighbor

and the flag of Peace is suffering

since each of the miles of threads, which is made of

Somebody hear its song of Love,

some people are trying to move on

with an universal energy

in a harmonic vibration

the clamorous shot of love

that should be heard,


I have had a vision

Sorry to say…

people against people

Behind the clouds the Symbols

Of a noble cry of beauty and truth


We are on the way to help humanity

not more horror, not war, no more hatred

Being in harmonious way of thinking


I had a vision

Many people building a harmonious era

Someone helps someone do not

Prayers in harmonic colors

They are doing this global change.


©copyright. Susana Roberts





I left the absence

In a crystal of violets


I left a carousel at the corners

when I was going behind the violins

and  let the cement dilated my feet


I left off the urban sky

in the window’ seams

with  light of tears

entering the room

raising an universe of angel

birds and dawns

climbing a dream

in the sky of another wall


I let your silence

forget me

in the sweat of roofs

after the rain


I left, then

my book to you, at the station

when the Orient Express

shook my heart again and again

¿Is this eternity?

In freedom, so pure the soul

or is it  a game?

A mix of musk and rubies

with the simple excuse

to remain alive


perhaps many silences

are nesting caresses

and they are  lovers

warm breaths

the whole purpose

Queen of the Night

in the body of water.


©copyright. Susana Roberts