Çmimi special : Sofra Poetike ” Ymer Elshani”, shkon për përfaqësuesen e Bordit Drejtues Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” , Kosovë, Znj Hasije Selishta (Kryeziu)

Çmimi special : Sofra Poetike ” Ymer  Elshani”,   shkon për përfaqësuesen e Bordit  Drejtues  Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” , Kosovë,  Znj Hasije Selishta (Kryeziu)                 Hasije Selishta (Kryeziu) Çt’ju them Ç t’ ju … Continue reading

Elena Martina

      Elena Martina Network Chairperson, CA Writers Club – South Bay Author of Clinging To Deceit, 2012. Freelance Writer, Photographer, Blogger. Blog: www.elenamartina.com   Born in Peru, Elena Martina moved to the United States after high school and obtained a psychology … Continue reading


ISOLATION ZONE   short storie by Elena Martina “I’m so excited.” I thought while walking toward the gate at the airport before my flight to Paris. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and then it hit me, “I’m all alone.” No … Continue reading

Kuldep K Srivastava

            Kuldep K Srivastava Bio Note K K Srivastava, born in 1960 in Gorakhpur, U.P. studied Masters in Economics in 1980 from Gorakhpur University. He joined Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983. He is posted … Continue reading