Poezi nga Ekrem Ajruli

Poezi nga Ekrem Ajruli



Lamtumirë gardalinë krahëshkruar
Ti do urbanizmin dhe ngrohtësinë
Unë skifter birbjeshke
Dua qiellin dhe kaltërsinë
Ik atje ku vezullon nata
Ndër pallate e godina
Këtu në bjeshkë fryjnë erëra t’thata
S’ka kafaz për gardalina.



Lamtumirë dritëhëne
Lamtumirë dhe ti muzë
Unë s’kam grada e nishane
Veç buzëqeshjen kam në buzë

Ik në sallone ku shkëlqen nata
Unë t’mundimshëm e kam rrugëtimin
Nuk kam çmime as dekorata
Kam veç vargun që shkrin thëllimin

Mos u nis në t’miat shtigje
Janë t’vështira me rrezik
Unë ngre ura e bashkoj brigje
S’di të shkruaj panegjirik.



Duartrokitje individësh
Të kuazikulturës
Që njërin sy e mbanë
Te shishja e verës
Tjetrin mes
Kofshëve të pulës
Më neveritin
Karrieristët matrapaz
Kur thonë
Na pëlqen satira
Dua djersë
T’u shkojnë ballit
S’paku t’u skuqet-Fytyra.



Davariten mendimet tok
me tymin e cigares
Dhe marrin kaheni për në eter.
Kafenikotina përzier me pikëllimin
Shtresohet në shpirt
dhe ngadalë shndërrohen në vrer.



Sa dua të nisemi pas mesnatës
Atëherë kur dielli nis të bëj dritë
Me bekimin tënd dhe të ERATËS
T’i verbojmë shikimxhelozitë

Eja t’i mposhtim helmshikimet e serta
Që mes nesh herë -herë përplasen si valë
Eja t’i shembim paragjykymet e errëta
Ta thyejmë thikëzehertën fjalë.



Ky dëshpërim sa mali më gufon në shpirt
Thellë nga zemra sot buron rrefkëtima
Këtë mallëngjim të harbuar s’di si ta ndali
Në dërasë të kraharorit i ndihet gjekëtima

Do ta shtrydh dëshpërimin s’do i jap udhë
S’do e lë t’shpërthej sikur të tunden malet
Për mallin që më djeg zemrës i vë gur
Do heshti meit dhe do i kursej fjalët.

Herë jam shpirttufan herë jam i qetë
Nuk i druaj jetës kur m’përplas në furtunë
Në shpirt herë herë unë ndjej tërmet
Mos m’u hidhëro mike i tillë jam unë.


Poems by Tyran Prizren SPAHIU

Poems by Tyran Prizren SPAHIU
Sitting legged- cross chamber’s voice trembles,
old pipe smokes out, we listen ,
get the guitar, sing us a song,
let us breath with pleasure.
With seven hundred sheep and seven dogs,
is the one who rules mountain named shepherd,
has abducted the tall, pretty bride,
cabin’s chimney smoke are five living in there.
Brave shepherdess wearing long skirt ,
went to herdsman without reaching the seventeenth,
high in the meadow ridges ,
built the barrack, family to multiply.
Higher in the mountains wolves are roaring,
do not look at me, tomorrow should bring firewood,
watch over there , snow has covered,
A bit delayed, it will be severe winter,.
Dear bride, prepare cellar for food,
fat cow will be slaughtered tomorrow ,
have to fill hood with lighting,
day after tomorrow , we’ll go to village to buy salt.
has meaning only people with conscience and rich soul …
in this space,
my dear friends,
YOU, The Poets,
conscience of civilization,
at whom I see, feathers blood draining ,
nobles who feel pain!
Are you,
whiteness of the society,
I know, even now,
your chests are suffering,
poisoned feelings are,
we cannot sleep,
inevitable anxiety enslaves us …
Not far away,
death bringers,
creatures of morbid brutality,
engraved in the kitchen of hate,
perhaps they seek to revive devils,
armed with bestiality,
chest beating,
terrorists of ignorance
lost on their own nature,
sunk in backwardness,
do please,
cast your eyes,
they there, policy makers,
but not the statesmen,
are having fun,
feast on fresh blood!
futurity killers are,
should not be forgotten,
the last judgment, of course is,
The Authority of God …
I am confused with the lying world
Pass nearby spit offend then continue
Gestures eyes are devastating words
I dwell in the corner of the street drunk homicidal.
He teared me then walked down the road happy
I heard words … get out from this world
You’ll be pressed by my friends you’re too small
Your soft behavior sell in the right place.
..he said … I am here light you will never see
The wise have no place in this environment
Sees you’re lonely and all your same thinkers
Our strongest time has come is rudeness.
..throw your art at the time of ignorance
Go with your rampant education
You’ see all the letters will be violated
Be burned you who is seeking the awakening of humanity.
Armed by humble forgiveness and kindness
I say .. wrong they are deceived by Satan
Again I wish let the Great recover them
But God please take me from this filthy world
… to taste worldly odysseys
embrace the beauty, passion arose
love you at sunrise, sunset, at midnight orgy
swim in the salty water, moon refreshes us.
ardent wish
sunrise to greet warm bodies
silent waves offer natural stimulus
of true love fevers are
covering this aqueous medium.
magic surrenders the morning wanderers
leave excited, promise holds us
sunset at the milk way
will again accompany us at the lagoon.
away from the eyes in an open space
see the silhouette floating – challenges an idyll sea
stand up watching is siren an expected miracle
will glow my body at the shore.
seven heavens awaits birds sentiment
easy as spring breeze, still eager sailing
merged into one, followed by air jealousy
heights whisper the magic of born bohemian …
lost when I am
eager for warmth
in the room of love
take me to your chest
early mornings
I call your name
hug my in my loneliness
ruined bridge in front of me
expects the wounded sacrifice
thin hand of kindness
allow me to savor my lady
suddenly I feel grudge
rushing storm of jealousy
tends to shake
abducts such as the Titanic boat
you are here
the white angel of life.
when city fell asleep
we step into the feelings of silence
with the nectar of love
immerse me in the romance ecstasy
when thunderstorms embrace me
promoters of hate dance
take me as far from the ignorant
arrogant has no limit
knocks uninvited fraud
demanding the time of sin
attempts to find shelter subcutaneously
you are there blessed lady
he, bypasses promises
I’m confused stomach overloaded
what am I suppose to say to sincere friends
guide me to overcome this storm
bustards are
kingdom of challenges
boosters of religious hate
trying to stir the soul
I do stay stoical
strongly support
I find in your purity
aristocrat of goodness
madam, we united
will defeat
incarnation of evil
dressing with backwards
we will fight the human demons.

Kritika italiane vlerëson përsëri 193 kafazet e Palluqit – Liana Suppressa- studiuese dhe kritike italiane / Përktheu Iris Hajdari

Kritika italiane vlerëson përsëri 193 kafazet e Palluqit Botuesi Ensemble sjell për herë të parë në Itali njërin prej  zërave më sinjifikativë të brezit të ri të letërsisë shqiptare bashkëkohore, Rezart Palluqi. Është fjala për romanin 193 kafazet (përkthyer nga … Continue reading