Poezi nga Adem Xheladini

Poezi nga Adem Xheladini   Nokturn… Digjet malli në gjoksin e pritjeve, E shiu si maj pikon nën qepallë Për vitet katandisur, cepash nëpër glob Etja për sy, në të gjirit ngrohtësi, përpëlitet Nëpër kujtime bota sillet vërdallë! … Përtej … Continue reading

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



Elegance, kindness, stylishness
spreading felicity, offering unforgettable moments
smile, education
seeing your wet lips carving passion in me
within you enigma, derives climax
dreams, hopes, come alive in your gratefulness.
Say a word, build in me ecstasy, light fire of desires
grant me a smile
wish me again a good day
so much would like to feel your hidden spirit
to wake up hugged under the stars of universe
feel miracle of nature
enjoying magic of bodies.



Silent, defies the secret
wanders high in the lonely castle
armed with a shield
lives in this world the virtue of simplicity
away from the noise
in mythical life is dressed extremely modest.
They ask, how come we do not know where the unknown source springs
where he lives, we haven’t heard of him
maybe it is a mirage, or bohemian times!
Leaves aside, questions bypass
they say … of the given word is
city ranger, night wanderer
at dawn meets the rise of the sun
digest again with the poems.
No traces leaves like the tranquility of the universe
merges with the beauty of the Stone Bridge
as the shadow itself disappears behind the ancient Fortress
as you say … he is a legend of half-darkness.
Again and again
at night when the ancient city is emptied
there he is, roaming the cobblestone streets
the hidden smile wakes him up like a phoenix
coexisting with medieval town.



…in this WORLD of injustice
I do breathe
rules feudal capitalism
place where the rights are sunk
freedom is limited
insurance is conditioned
I live life of a number
novel system 1984/ George Orwell, Big Brother’s surveillance …