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Ariadne Sawyer, MA702-31 Elliot St.

New Westminster, BC

V3L 5C9




Background information: Born in Pasadena, California. Lived in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Canada.Dual citizen: United States and Canada.

Bi-lingual: English and Spanish.

Training: University of Costa Rica, Pre-law and Education. Certificate.UCLA & UC Berkeley. Anthropology.

Norwich University, M.A. Counseling Psychology.

Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Hypnotherapy of Dr. Milton Erickson.

Apprenticed to an Aboriginal Elder, (Mr. Gabriel Bartleman) learning ancient First Nations healing and environmental disciplines.

Orff Musical Training, University of British Columbia.

Neurolinguistic Programming.

Hypnotherapy ( Dr. Milton Erickson)

Learning Centre Courses, BCTF Victoria.

Re-discovering Nature’s Plan for our Children, Foster Parent Association, and Victoria, BC.

Signing course.

Bliss symbols.

Touch talk computer.

Learning Centre courses: BCTF, Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Peak Performance Training. Seattle, Washington, USA and Vancouver, B.C.

One year open AA meetings.

Six months Al Anon for training purposes. (Suggested by faculty advisor.)


Teaching/ work.         Treetop School, San Jose, Costa Rica. Director and teacher.       Costa Rica Academy, San Jose, Costa Rica, Teacher K-4. English as a second language.

       The Children’s House, Blaine Washington, USA. Director and teacher.

       School District No. 35, Langley, BC, Canada. Substitute and music teacher. Special education and library experience. Tutoring and parent counseling.

       Carl Orff music teacher working with public private schools and organizations.

       Langley, BC Recreation Centre. Music day camp teacher.

       Gulf Island School District, Salt Spring Island and Saanich School District individual counseling and workshops.

       Camosun College, Salt Spring Island/ Victoria BC, Canada. Continuing Education: Native Awareness course.  This was a unique course which was featured as a model course in B.C. First Nations elders, teachers and spiritual leaders taught the class and provided the learning materials. Outreach program to elementary and secondary schools.

       Other courses: Memory Skills and Brain Fitness, Take Charge of Your Health, Lateral Thinking, Discover your Creative Worlds and Creating Your Life Story.

       Salt Spring Island Community Centre. Life History through Art. Working with challenged adults to create their personal life histories through artwork with an opening and exhibition at the end of the program.

       Monterey Centre, Victoria, BC: Memory Skills and Brain Fitness, Take Charge of your Health.

       West Vancouver Community Centre, West Vancouver, BC. Memory Skills and Brain Fitness, Take Charge of Your Health, Peak Performance for Athletes and Self Publicity.

       AfrikaDey Media Director for the AfrikaDey Festival for the last two years.

       Greenwoods Long Term Care, Salt Spring Island. I collected poems, stories and songs from elderly residents and brought in elementary students to illustrate the material. These were published in the book Bits and Pieces. I also held classes on Brain Fitness for the residents.

       Children’s Poetry Workshops. New Westminster, BC and Sidney BC.

       Public Speaker and seminar leader in Canada and the US.

       Brain Power! Tools for Young Entrepreneurs, a program for YES Canada! Federal government.

       Bully Proofing Workshops for schools/groups. 

Reporter for the Afro News.  Movies and Empowered Feature series.




      Delta Youth Relief Counsellor, ages 13-19. Delta BC.      Private practice with offices in Vancouver, BC, Sidney BC, Victoria, BC and Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC for the past 12 years. I worked with a wide range of clients from all age groups. Many of the clients came from doctor’s referrals.

      Worked with 148 survivors of torture, Victoria, BC. Training Doctors and social workers.

  • Working with AS, individuals, children and partners by phone and e-mail consulting.
  • Working with film, actors and directors.
  • Creating Ariadne’s Brain Fitness Program for companies, community centers and TV.
Peak Performance Plus Consulting.        CEO and trainer of Peak Performance Plus Training.      Four years consulting contracts with the BC Provincial Government in two different ministries. I taught Peak Performance Plus Training with additional programs such as Time Management, Assertiveness Training, Emotion Management, Stress Reduction, Organizational Skills, Listening and Communication Skills, among other areas.

      Peak Performance Plus for writers, musicians, script writers, athletes, actors, home business, schools, T V directors, small and medium sized businesses among others.

      Peak Performance Plus for kick boxing.

      Peak Performance Plus Training by phone and e-mail with a variety of trainees in Canada and the US.

Volunteer Work World Poetry Reading Series, radio show and electronic newsletter.

  • President of the World Poetry Reading Series Society

       World Poetry Event Planner.

  • World Poetry Media Director.
  • World Poetry Youth Team coordinator.
  • Website and blog:
  • Prayer and Meditation Circle

       Producer of the radio program short features: Creativity Rocks! Questions on creativity from around the world answered by Ariadne Sawyer, MA.

       Host, producer and beginning radio technician of the World Poetry Café Radio Show on CFRO 102.7 FM every Tuesday night at 9 pm.

       Volunteer coordinator working with over 50 volunteers at special events.

       Coordinator of over 500 poets, writers, musicians and artists from 60 different countries including a strong Canadian presence.

       Judge for various poetry contests.

       Publisher of the World Poetry Electronic Newsletter with 2,800 readers in 19 countries.

       Organizer and volunteer coordinator of Project Brainpower, a program to help brain damaged people to access new neuro-pathways. I trained 20 volunteers who worked with individual clients on a weekly basis.



Research Research Groups:


      Take Charge of Your Health, eight month clinical study group.

      Discover Your Creative Worlds, six month clinical study group.

      Growing Young, Tools for Longevity, six month research group.

      Business Tools for the 21st Century. A research group consisting of 25 business people.

      Remote Viewing, three month research group.

      Future Forecasting, three months research group.

      J.W. Brain’s Bully Proofing Program for children. J.W. Brain’s E-mail Tips. Six month research group.

      Intensive research on the brain from a scientific, psychological and spiritual focus.

      Creative Dreaming Research.


Awards, CD’s books       Researcher and author of The Brain Bulletin Series: seven CD’s which have played on radio stations across Canada.      Winner of the $5,000 McLean Hunter Award for Programs of Excellence.

      Award for Excellence as President of the Victoria Technical College Parent Advisory Committee. Award Winner of the International Peace Prize, 2011.

      Artist of the Year Award 2007 by Proyecto Cultural Sur, Vancouver. BC.

      Books and papers:

      Take Charge of Your Life, published by Castle House Ltd. Post Polio Awareness and Support Society.

      Bits and Pieces: Tales Told at Greenwoods. Department of Health and Welfare Canada.

      The Best of Creativity Rocks! World Poetry Publishing Company.

  • New book: The Wacky Adventures of J W Brain. A brain book for children.
  • Upcoming books: Dream Poems for the World and a novel.
  • Research project for TV and Radio: The Quest. A Search for Creativity from the Dawn of Time to the Future. A two year study on creativity with a focus on woman’s creativity. This series was produced on radio.


      Peak Performance Plus. Level One.

      The Diplomacy Course.

      Memory Skills and Brain Fitness phone and E-course.

References and testimonials are available upon request


A grey smooth stone of peace

                                               sharply thrown

landing in a silent

pond of aquamarine water.

On impact, a ripple begins

concentric circles

spreading outward.

Peace begins

  never ending circles

swirling, swirling…

Powerful thought waves

 surrounding the earth.


 building momentum

The wet paint of peace

splashes everything in its path.

Families, friends, and communities,

enfolding continents

a vibrant celebration,

a rhythmic dance.

Transforming violence,




to happiness


All of this begins from a single stone.

A grey smooth stone of peace.

Shrouded in the Mist

A Mayan ruin

Shrouded in wispy mist

Amongst the living vibrant jungle

containing a feast of life,

the creepers,

the crawlers,

the flyers, and the four footed ones.

Orchids delicately dancing on vines,

swaying like ballerinas

in a ritual dance.

Ancient Pyramid

Long untouched by human hands

                                         prisoner of the jungle,                                        

Surrounded by the tentacles

Of lush vegetation.

At 14, I visited, placing my footprints in the earth.

Which for a brief moment were recorded,

then disappeared into the ever changing ground.

In the air were the expectations of surprise,

 excitement, disturbance and a touch of fear.

I reached out my arms to embrace your essence of living stone

Surrounded by the grey, white mist

swirling and floating lightly on the wind

I spoke: “I am here.”

Turning, I left silently on graceful cat’s feet

Never to return

Except in the jungle of my mind.

Ariadne Sawyer, ©

(A Mayan ruin in Guatemala)