Poems by Mohd Shafi

Poems by Mohd Shafi   THE YEARS YEAR From the public,it appears; Began to show its path, It doesn’t need roads,railway tracks and airlines- But it is violent,visits the countries in its violence: Which it proved in few months and … Continue reading

Roula Pollard (Greece)

Roula Pollard (Greece)   Roula Pollard was born in Greece; she studied History and Archaeology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University in England where she lived for 25 years establishing … Continue reading

Poezi nga Suzana Malaj

Poezi nga Suzana Malaj   Flamur i paqartë Shoqëria frymon si një organizëm i vetëm me trupin brenda trupit pavetëdija e saj është realiteti ku mbarsen të gjitha regjimet… totalitare, autoritare, demokratike Pavetëdija e saj është shtrati ku lindin, ku … Continue reading