Poems by Juljana Mehmeti / Translated into english by Arben Hoti

Poems by Juljana Mehmeti


The shredded fogs

When I got lost in the middle of the equinox of time
I left behind a rasping crack
of the shredded fogs
to the windows of the galaxy
unexpressed echo
mazes complicated with fugitive souls.
than disappointment blew away salty rivers
lifeless glasses,
where a forgotten candle
ignite the light of hope
that as an image descended from heaven
reflected life …!


Provisional amphitheatre

Remove the night braids from my chest
let the breath become scent
to whisper in those hidden forests
where the smile of a dream returns back in spring.

Dark nights always sow sadness
cover the promised paradise for centuries
the dust of oblivion left behind in the shapes of fog,
like the years that turn their back on me every day
with one more sigh
laughter as in Genesis
when life was flying freely
yet without building the walls
of the provisional amphitheatre,
where everyone is crushed to the mirror of Narcissus
shifting to the essences of things that already occurred
the challenge of life,
crossing over the ancient times
borrowed observation
in lights that transmit lost traces
hidden to the visions
felt, where in addition to desires we sacrifice ourselves.


Translated into english by Arben Hoti

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