कौन हो तुम ? / रंजना शरण सिन्हा  

  रंजना शरण सिन्हा     कौन हो तुम ?   प्रतिबिंबित हो तुम शब्दों में अनजान-अनाम -सी एक छवि इस शाम की नीली चादर में तन्हा-तन्हा दिल एक कवि   ख़्वाबों की क़ुर्बत सच की दूरी भला जानता कौन … Continue reading

Refaela Vardi (Isreal)

  Refaela Vardi (Isreal) Refaela Vardi is a chemist by profession, an expert in paper manufacturing technology. Received a national honors degree in industry by” Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper. During the last two years, started to break out in the field … Continue reading

Tarana Turan Rahimli (Azerbaijan)

  Tarana Turan Rahimli (Azerbaijan) Assosiate Prof. Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli is an Azerbaijani poet, writer, journalist, translator, literary critic, teacher, academic, is an active member of the International Literary Agency in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Philippine, Kazakhstan, İtaly, Oman, Belgium, USA. … Continue reading

Poems by Delwar Hossain

  Poems by Delwar Hossain WITHOUT HEADLINES IYour bloomed teeth may turn your successInto fiasco, beware of that. II Tears of eyes have beenturned into flowersAfter having been dried. III Feelings talk in silenceThe Moon gives responseBy feeling. PRACTICALITY OF … Continue reading