Perisat Koshoevna Abdalieva (Kyrgyzstan)



Perisat Koshoevna Abdalieva (Kyrgyzstan)

She was born on March 15, 1970 in the village of Kazybek At-Bashinsky district of the Kyrgyz Republic. Entered the physico-mathematic Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute them. V. V. Mayakovsky. In 1992 she successfully completed this university She began her career in 1993 in mid her school N. Usenaliev as a teacher of mathematics.
Received an honorary diploma from the Ministry of People’s education and was awarded the “Excellence in Education” badge. Since 2008 he has been a senior lecturer at the department Informatics and Mathematics BSU K. Karasaeva in Bishkeke. Currently studying at the postgraduate course of the Kyrgyz Academy of education demo.
She has published four books: Happy Family, Meaningful the road of childhood” (about the childhood of Ch. Aitmatov), “The World of Poems” and “The High Mountains of Edelweiss” Received a diploma of the laureate of the degree “Talent” in the nomination “Poetry” competition of the Writers Union of North America (2021); Diploma in the nomination “Poetry” (“Civil Lyrics”) of the competition Writers’ Union of North America (2021); in the nomination “Diamond Duke” of the competition. De Richelieu (2021); winner in the nomination “Translations” (3rd place) of the competition “Open Eurasia – 2010”, Eurasian Creative Guild, London (2021); Diploma “For Contribution to World Culture” and “Movement Traveling along the Silk Road of Cultures” international competition them. De Richelieu (2021); participated in the competition “Clean water is the source of life” and was the winner (2010).
Poet and translator of Kyrgyzstan,
She is member of the Union of Writers North America, member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), member of the Russian Initiative.

A poem

Significant childhood road
About Ch. Aitmatov’s childhood
Ch. Aitmatov: It is very difficult to be a human being every day for the human being.

About his parents ( passage )

The well known people of their time
The images of Torokul and Nagima
You will remember their images
They were in their nice green years

Studying in the course of young parties
They met in the large capital Pishpek
Walking in the parks in hot summer
They enjoyed their life like two birds

It was in the twenty fifth of the year
I imagine the couples all together
They were like twin sworn of the lake
The God gave such a beauty for ever

Feeling the odor of the big city,cool
That accompanied with flame of youth
When Nagima stared at him with pleasure
They were together as much as they could

The sweethearts’ dream was education
Matching with each other among their nation
Enriching their knowledge and wisdom
They were happy to be together again and again

Feeling in love , opening its new pages
They can’t but express their true relations
Living together with their great love
They built the wall of the strong feelings

They married to, were happy as a family
Enjoying their life, feeling very happy
They had already a baby with them
Feeling eternal source of being daddy

They were happy intelligent and wise
Living to the demand of their time
The first generation of the Kyrgyz nation
Were intelligent, hunkered for education

Their visit to Moscow (passage)

His was invited to Moscow to study
At one of the higher education of the party
Learning Markisim and get its degree
He continued his study in the capital city

In Moscow after half a year’s study
Then he invited his family to come
Nagima took her three children
She made a long journey to Moscow

On the way from Jambul train station
They met their relatives from Talas
They passed some food for their journey
They saw them off to a big capital city

That was Aral lake that Chyngyz saw it
It was quite blue lake with its beauty
One can enjoy to see the vast area
You can’t help admiring its сharm

You can’t imagine its beauty anyway
It looked like as great, vast lake really
They couldn’t see such a beauty any more
Only few water as if it was dying nearly

They passed Kasak vast and wide field
They had such a pleasure Volga to see
Crossing Russian deep and thick forests
At last they arrived in Moscow gladly

Missing each other, they met with great pleasure
At last growing weary family met each other
They began to live in one of the biggest street
They lived in Varovskaya street quietly rather

The beginning of the trouble ( passage )

Bright days turned into black nights
They came to Moscow from Parfionovka
His father was kicked out from the party
There appeared great troubles in the family

In 1939 it was great trouble for the most
They never forget the black month August
They punished smart Torokul , their father
They made the family leave Moscow rather

They went to Kasan rail way station together
Their father saw his family off to Sheker
When he saw his spouse’s weeping out
Saying “ good bye ” as if he would see them never

Their father sent them to his village Sheker
Not to the Kyrgyz capital city Frunze, ever
He didn’t know what will happen to him
He would like his family to live safety

Yes, he said “Good Bye “ to all of them
                               He said “Good bye”
He run after the train for some time anyway
He saw them off for a long time waving his hands
                      He waved his hands for a long time
He felt that he wouldn’t not see them any more
                             He knew about it beforehand

Chyngyz also felt he woudn’t see his father nor more
The black night was broken by nightmare, more and more
The train was going on as if to calm their tragedy
The wheels went on knocking tuk- tuki
                                                    Giving its sound tuk tuki

Their arrival to Maimak station. (passage)

After five continuous days in the train
The arrived in “ Maimak” rail station
It might be about 2 oclok p.m. local time
They had two minutes to get off the train

As soon as Nagima apa got off the train
She shivered and shuddered again and again
At that deep night with her three children
She stayed in the open dark field alone

What unfortunate, unhappy days there were
What a tormenting, misery days they were!
So unhappy and regretful days and the life goes
She wept sorrowing over the death of Him
Like Akbara , when she lost her baby and mate

Is it Tolgonay who met the Earth –Mother
Or is she who run after the Milky Way?
When she was so distressed for Subankul’s death
She can’t but grieve and morn for him anyway

People of the repression…. (passage)

Oh, my Gosh,
I never forget that misery, tormented 1937!
You sucked many intelligent people‘s blood
For those who were ready to die for the motherland
You were great obstacle to care of their nation

Oh? Those unhappy , stormy, alarmed days !
You were miserable ,troublesome,and restless
Борк ал десе баш алып жатты
They sledged the people who were blameless
According to the Government Repression Act

Smart people of the Kyrgyz intelligent
They were brightening flags of the nation
The Kyrgyz home was full of bad smoke
The died for the freedom, against repression

All of them were educated and smart, wise
They wanted to be updated to their time
Each of them was the supporter of the nation
They were ready to work or even die

They were shot, oh their poor souls !
Their blood run like a red river
They stopped to breath and bodies fell down
They were blameless patriots of his nation

Torokul ata gave his life for his nation
Died for it, unfortunately there was a case
He was shot like “ enemy of the nation”

Missing for his father ( passage)

Chyngyz had a sad fortune and hard life
He passed all the difficulties of the time
He felt his duty in the family as the eldest
In the community he did all his best to survive

He spent his childhood in the village Sheker
He had regretful life in his green years
His father had died when he was nine
He began to live a hard life since that days

There was no news from his father yet
Hoping that his father’ll come and he ‘ll meet
Waiting for him like Nurgazy of the “White ship”
He’d heartache because of thinking about him

His best hopes are always with him
Hoping wonderful sunray will come
He never forgot his father’s image
The hopes he will come like “ White steamer ”

He missed him a lot and all the time
His heart sank when he’ll remember him
Many times he lost his hope and hoped again
Missing him he didn’t loose his hope , the same

What a tormenting thing is missing
It is always with his heart like an ice
He waited for and will wait for him
The hopes will come like rays of the sun

He listened to the tales by his granny- Aiymkyl
He was among the tale heroes all the time
Days passed one by one continuously
Passing over all the bad fortune aside

He believes in the tale story like Nurgazy
He compares himself with those heroes
He prays for the God whispering something
Asks Almighty to support him all the time

He hopes that his ship will come someday
Sometimes he felt bad because of his missing ( kusalyk)
He always remembers his father’s image
As his father is coming to him and is kissing

When their cow was stolen (passage )

Hot tempered guy who was so upset
He couldn’t do but run after to Jambyl
Hoping he will find his stolen cow there
He didn’t notice anybody who was near by

He might be Sultanmurat who was so brave
Who would like to fight with the burgler
From his book “ Cranes that came early ”
He would like to fight with the death tet a tet

There was much hope that his father will come
There was also much grief in his heart now
The kerchief that was presented by Myrzagyl
There was much true sign of devoted love

Sultanmurat who was so open and brave
He was prototype of the writer himself
He was the real fighter for the new life
His stories are telling us about it safetly

His job as tax collector (passage )

He was secretary of the community known
He gave his job to the elderly and dear person
He became a tax collector in the village
It was more responsible for the grown

Despite of people were hungry and starved
They gave their taxes as soon as possible
Thy didn’t mind where and how to find it
The knew responsibility to give it in time

Collected money should be brought to center
They knew that their bank is in Kirovka, near
He always put them into the special sack
He should bring it alone on a horse to banker

If you compare the job of the booking clerk
The counting machine do and test their accounts
The officers took care of the money with guns
They will bring quickly to the necessary banks

What a big responsibility he had at that time
For a young guy who could ride a horse hardly
He didn’t hesitate to do the job of the paymaster
He could pass all the difficulties of that time

One day he started to bring the money
To the Kirovka regional bank on a horse
To make a long way shorter he wanted
To cross the big pass of great Talas

He was crossing the pass quietly
There appeared a stranger on the pass
The stranger seemed to be quite strange                                                                      He was facing him waving his hands 

He had no good look with his hollow cheeks
He had no force, about to fall even to speak
He seemed to be runner away from some place
He might be one of fugitive person, in no need

“ Where did he appear from’ – Chyngyz wondered
He was afraid of and didn’t know what to answer
“” Stop, what did you have in your sack ?”- he asked
He grew his speed of riding his horse and run away

The stranger ran after him continuously
Chyngys’s argamak rode fast and quickly
He left far a away crying and calling after him
But he remembered that moment very clearly

Though he ran away from the stranger
He will remember his image, forget never
He asked himself :” who might that person be?”
Who asked him to stop in the vast empty field

Jamila (passage)

The image of Jamila who laughed abruptly
She was kept at the bottom of his heart nicely
Seit might be in fact, Chyngyz himself
Who loved Jamila in secret way in his life

He remembers when Jamila was far away
Lying on the ground about his love
He keeps in his heart the picture he draw
And the image of Jamila , his first love

Such events had happened in his childhood
When he was in his green quiet years
But you know such moments always stay
In the very heart of the writers anyway

Thus, there appeared his novel “Jamila ”
That never grew old and new all the time
Time passed , her love appears at the very top
Like symbol of love “an edelveice” that is nice.

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