Poems by Aziza Dahdouh


Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
Grand prix of peace
Precious tears
Dad…….don’t cry
your tears are precious
true Iam too young
but I understand that
everything is out of
your hands
DON’T cry Dad
I know that the world
has become a jungle
the strong feeds on
the weak
those liars of politicians
the lords of war
they gather and say
they support peace
but in reality
they have dirty plans
they are dividing
the lands
don’t cry dad
you know
there are still
beautiful souls
they are doing their best
scattering kindness
giving their hands
to hold the fallen ones
they are peacemakers
and not haters
they are not deaf
They are not blind
they hear and
see everything
they know
which side is a victim
they are raising awareness
Don’t cry dad
your tears are precious
you will see
peace and love
will prevail
soon or later
we have only
to be patient
That shadow is me
When Iam away
At the middle point
Between the absent
And the present moment
Don’t feel bothered
Don’t feel lost
Talk to my shadow
Play together chess game
Tease each other
Take a cup of coffee
Exchanger secrets
Tell jokes
Laugh out loud
My shadow in not an empty
The soul is still there
The whole
The main part
The aroma
The fragrance
The zest
True Iam away
But still swinging
somewhere …there
Not so close
Not very far
All what you have to do
Is to manipulate the art
Of enjoying the company
of my shadow
wise sunflowers
Those sunflowers
Those wise blossoms
They keep following the sunlight
Not caring about shadows
They smile to life
They drive winter out of life
Blessed moments
My best time is
holding my baby
in my arms
touching his soft skin
and kissing his
small nose
before sleeping
I sing him lullabies
he keeps looking at me
with sleepy eyes
and his soul says
‘Mummy keep singing
I love your voice’

Poezi nga Hysen Grajçevci

Poezi nga Hysen Grajçevci   FJALA IME… Përtej vdekjes, përjetuam Golgotën, kalvarin; prekëm dhimbjen, tmerrin! Në përcëllimë flakësh, rriteshim tufaneve; të ngrohtë, ua ndjenim damarëve rrjedhën. Fati ynë, kafshatë e hidhur! Shtatë lëkurë rrjepur. E, shtatë të tjera, regjur e … Continue reading

EH … POETRY / Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

tyran prizren spahiu

Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu
… Is sitting in the corner,
eyes are confused,
watery …
weak voice murmur us ,
asked the young virgin lady
my dear poem,
in thee I am in love,
please tell me,
why they do hate you
constantly stain …
queen do not turn your head,
I see the tears drip,
tell me,
are you violated,
in the cradle of letters,
no, no do not go …
Plaintive voice said,
afflict I am
many times I am
hit by storms,
I am being used,
Made me broom of the history,
they do lie in my verses…
they, my dear ones,
masters of verse,
embedded in me,
have embraced me strongly,
we are in the world of miracle,
called literature …
We taste,
ecstasy of Love,
made as one,
the perfect act,
we are launched,
towards eternity …