Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary


Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Be sweet in splendour
When things are bitter
Grief can be very brief
Joy is often real relief

Despair flees the sight
When hopes are bright
Light beams with bliss
Blowing the dark a kiss

Small things in influence
Structure a big difference
Short leaps in sustenance
Can be long in confidence

All dreams beam creativity
Realities nurture positivity
Faint hopes display futility
Efforts display productivity

Narrow vision is deceptive
Broad views are receptive
Mean thought is destructive
Noble ideas are constructive

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



( My native village Elukurthy Havel witnesses the worship of nature at its best for nine days towards the end of the rainy season.The Presiding Deity,Gauri, is called ” Bathukamma” as She is considered the Bestower of Sustenance.With the remarkable rainfall each village looks a heaven on the Earth with flora and fauna.All ladies celebrate the carnival with enormous enthusiasm in all parts of Teenagers in India. I dedicate this poem to my mother Poetess Ranganayakamma and my village ladies as a mark of genuine gratitude for my gorgeous growth was attached to certain ceremonies of my native soil during my adolescence.)

Telangana’s state carnival
Featuring the floral festival
Offers a splendid spectacle
Streaming a mirthful miracle

Collection of all lovely flowers
And twigs from many bowers
Are piled in forms of towers
For Deity’s merciful showers

Ladies are clad in saris silk
Wearing ornaments in bulk
Organising ceremonial walk
Amid lanes filled with all talk

Ponds maintain their profile
To fascinate a flowery smile
The scenic splendour in style
Feasts eager eyes worthwhile

Singing glory ensues in chorus
Glorifying the goddess on lotus
In songs of the locale for focus
Such worship is treated as onus

We all worship Mother Nature
To fill all our lives with rapture
Nature nourishes human nature
Keeping all of us under its care

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved


I always strengthen all my roots
To explore my resplendent routes
Love radiates all melodious notes
To replenish me with all rare fruits

Moments of mirth at place of birth
Affluent affinity without any dearth
Are evident of minds of great width
Smiles aglow show all hearts’ depth

Yesterday’s reality is today’s memory
All yesterdays are stored in memory
Any mind maintains a bulky directory
Memories saved create all our history

My grandeur often grows like a free tree
Ebullient emotions scultpure my poetry
Elukurthy Haveli stays in gleaming glory
Nourishing my rapture with striking story

Mothers show us Heaven on the earth
Places of mothers fill hearts with mirth
Let us be aware of our glorious growth
Our roots have given us all till our birth

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



(I pay my glowing tributes to the gleaming genius of my poetess mother Manthena Ranganayakamma on the occasion of International Mother Tongue Day. I convey my cordial greetings to my villagers, relatives and friends.As the Big Squire of World Parliament of Literature -World Union of Poets I convey my best wishes to two lakh poets and processes in the world on this auspicious occasion.)


Mother, You nurtured me with rapture
Keeping all knowledge in your capture
Manifestation of Goddess of Learning
You nourished all my earnest yearning

The splendour of tongues on my tongue
Was your manuscript in remote past long
My proficiency is a spark of your erudition
Illustrious inheritance is inherent intuition

You studied the Scriptures with enthusiasm
Your erudition often crowned your optimism
Your sparking genius ignited my humanism
Taking a leaf out of your book of aphorism

Elukurthy renowned for being a literary tower
Heralded an ecstatic era of poetic splendour
Your peerless poetry gleamed with grandeur
Words worked wondrously in wealthy wonder

I adorn with my gift of poetry your lotus feet
On this great day as my tremendous tribute
Shower on us all your gorgeous grace great
Let the world be governed by wisdom’s lute

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



Ebullient emotions march along the path
Rebelling against cruel conflicts of wrath
They raise their voices against blood bath
Unifying all allies to combat any sociopath

Novel ideas trudge over the bridge of mind
To be culled with dexterity as the rarest find
Shaping awesome utterances without bound
My pen watches all felicitous feelings trend

Clamour of passions undertakes a procession
Calling for the symphony of peace in a session
All wars should be curbed without a.cessation
The establishment of peace creates sensation

My pen portrays peace on the map of the world
Blotting out all warring ambitions in a bid bold
The fountain of flamboyant feelings ennobled
Nourishes all upsurging aspirations in its hold

My.inking pen pinks prominently sinking things
Structuring the solid foundations with its tinges
Lofty lives acquire intuition for widening wings
Making a heaven with the songs the heart sings

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved



My ears stay perversely pounded
By ramble reverberating sounded
A plethora of causes ungrounded
Renders inquisitive mind unbound

My soaring aspirations often roar
Multiplying my genial mirth more
My decent dreams form the core
Of purest passions formed of lore

My realm of religion has no region
Mankind should rise above religion
To end wars ensuing without reason
Warless world should be our heaven

My love of the world can create peace
Humanity always finds prominent pace
Magnanimity cherishes gorgeous grace
Peace procures proudly peerless place

Sympathy strikes scintillating symphony
Hallowing honorific horizon of harmony
Humanism celebrates a core ceremony
The message of peace has its hegemony

@Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved


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