Poezi nga Hysen Grajçevci

Poezi nga Hysen Grajçevci   FJALA IME… Përtej vdekjes, përjetuam Golgotën, kalvarin; prekëm dhimbjen, tmerrin! Në përcëllimë flakësh, rriteshim tufaneve; të ngrohtë, ua ndjenim damarëve rrjedhën. Fati ynë, kafshatë e hidhur! Shtatë lëkurë rrjepur. E, shtatë të tjera, regjur e … Continue reading

EH … POETRY / Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

tyran prizren spahiu

Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu
… Is sitting in the corner,
eyes are confused,
watery …
weak voice murmur us ,
asked the young virgin lady
my dear poem,
in thee I am in love,
please tell me,
why they do hate you
constantly stain …
queen do not turn your head,
I see the tears drip,
tell me,
are you violated,
in the cradle of letters,
no, no do not go …
Plaintive voice said,
afflict I am
many times I am
hit by storms,
I am being used,
Made me broom of the history,
they do lie in my verses…
they, my dear ones,
masters of verse,
embedded in me,
have embraced me strongly,
we are in the world of miracle,
called literature …
We taste,
ecstasy of Love,
made as one,
the perfect act,
we are launched,
towards eternity …

VENUS / Poem by Luz María López

Poem by Luz María López




Half-shell conjurer
tracing with her steps
the name of his eyes
recalling their universe
aquarelle on silent smile
holographic soul
probing beyond galaxies
to converge on his lips
as passionate prose!
half-shell spirit
half-shell cult
full moon bliss
when the pearl
is kissed by
his lust.


Luz María López
Image: from the French symbolist painter, Odilon Redon, Birth of Venus, 1912.