SMITHEREENS / Poem by Lily Swarn


Poem by Lily Swarn
I walked through the smithereens
Of last night’s revelry
Scrunched souls dabbed with rouge
Vanity lying in tatters of silk
Beneath the rubble of a million tears
I spied her beguiling smiles
Teasing and torturing
The black curls of witchcraft
With irradiating beams
Roshni was the dream girl
Heart throb of innumerable boys
Partying away her nights
Languishing away her student days
The haze of smoke fogging out
Her benumbed grey cells
Piles of notebooks cluttering
Her room and her life
For that is just what they were
Only heaps of her father’s
Sweat and toil
Gingerly moving her pounding head
She licked her dry lips
A gnawing sensation in her stomach
Moving her dazed eyes around
The ruins of her youth
She gulped back her tears
The lump weighing on her heart
A grimace forming ugly lines
Around her pretty upturned nose
She realized in a blinding flash
That she needed to darn
The torn socks of her bohemian life !
© 2017. Lily Swarn. All rights reserved.

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