Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH


Birth of a Poet

As I walk and walk and walk
A thought occurs in my mind
When and how and why a poet was born?
What could have conspired for this bliss?

And my muse takes me down time’s lanes
In the child hood of the times gone by
When the times needed someone to cajole
Then in some human heart a poet was born

In the times of youth of the nature
When flowers, gardens, and wilderness
Oceans, rivers and lakes were growing
Somewhere a wandering heart became a poet

When the humanity was waking up
To family, society, wars and peace
Love, birth, hate and death around
A solitary soul was transformed into a poet

When a heart in love fumbled
When a soul in devotion tumbled
When friendship and relationships crumbled
Somewhere a torn heart began to rhyme

When manipulation was born in the courts
When pleasing others for gain of self
Took centre stage in the yore years
Somewhere a wizard of the words was born

When out of calamities, and sufferings
Hit by stalks of destiny and ignorance
Humanity began feeling the need for solace
Somewhere a compassionate heart sang a lullaby

When there was no other way to convey
The message of peace amid deadly wars
And its menacing effects were available
Somewhere a crying heart yelled in rhythm

Weren’t for the pains and pleasures
Going unheard or unfelt by masses
Weren’t there needed for a prayer
There wouldn’t have born a poet

My heart becomes heavy with gratitude
And I walk and walk and walk.


Unexpressed Poems

As I walk and walk and walk
A thought occurs on the horizon
What have I been expressing and
What have I not expressed

Then I glance at my divine muse
Which was once again ever smiling
But this time with a sense of vary
As if to test and inquire into my query

As always I had to follow the signals
And make it up for myself to answer
This leads me to my inner world
Of feelings and emotions and sentiments

My beliefs, my perceptions and honesty
My reflections my reactions and travesty
Etched somewhere in between, lies
The answers beneath the inner sky

Love, compassion, positivity, negativity
Fear, angst, directions, realizations and integrity
Have I not expressed many a times?
Through this little journey of few miles

Yet why I feel there is something amiss
Yet why I sense there is something held
Deep down the heart’s crevices
Awaiting light to touch and open up

The doors of creativity still askance
Feels of life’s untouched planes
Reflections of suppressed taboos
Still lurking at large within

Do I need courage or do I need to let go?
Do I need belief, or do I need to forgo?
Do I need to be vary of the reactions?
Or do I need just to BE and express?

Oh the Dilemmas innumerable
Alas! once again my glance falls
On my smiling & serene Muse
As I for once receive the answer

A smile in heart, a spark in eyes
Is all I need to live in the moment
To do what I can, to be grateful
With content in my heart
I walk and walk and walk.


The Grammar Of A Poem

As I walk and walk and walk
My attention diverts to my tendons
That make all these walks possible
Albeit amid the roughs and troughs

And then my thoughts canter further
In the vicinity of the veneer of poetry
What am I supposed to mind or mangle?
Of many tools to convert thoughts

Words, phrases, fables, metaphors
Commas, colons, hyphens, or fullstops
And to what avail can I use them
Unless the seed doesn’t sprout

The seed of expression lies within
And with love can it be tended
Love that is the foundation of all creation
That doesn’t need any conditions

Simple and serene amalgamation
Of inner whispers and feelings
Of inner feelings and emotions
Of inner emotions and spontaneity

Aren’t these the grammar of poem
For life has always been a great teacher
Which has taught us to link words
To our experiences with life itself

An inner urge to let go and let be
Calls my attention back to the nows
Thus, I in the blissful shelter of feelings
Walk and walk and walk.


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