*World of peace * / Poem by Balika Sengupta


Poem by Balika Sengupta
*World of peace *
Peace is my voice,
Peace in my voice,
Peace is in my eyes,
Peace is my eyes,
Peace is a Beautiful soulful device,
Peace does not ask any material price;
And yes, peace is our own choice, .***
Because I am peace.
We are peace. We are The embodiment of peace.
Yes, “we are “the source of peace.
Let’s see; how peaceful “PEACE ” is !!
Here “P ” reminds us; our “PERPETUAL” SPIRITUAL POWERS “.
“E” reminds us; we The “ETERNAL ENERGY” ,
“A” reminds us; our power to “ACCEPT “,
“External things not in our control. “
“C” reminds us; power to “CO -OPERATE” with souls,
“E” reminds us; we all are “EQUAL”,
So; we all are soul, peaceful soul. ***
Let’s,Spread peaceful vibes,
And create a world of peaceful,
Thoughts; mind and body,
Because we are; peaceful children of; “ocean of peace “.
Oh yes, “we are peaceful children of ocean of peace,***
Peace should be our only wish;
Yes, Peace should be our only choice;
May peace be; our garland,
May peace ; prevail in the world;
May peace ; prevail in our voice,
May our pen promote; peace the world. ” .
May our voice promotes peace in the world. *****
All rights reserved with Balika Sengupta

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