We live in a world / Poem by Sunita Paul



Poem by Sunita Paul

We live in a world

We live in a world where
Materials matter more than life,
We bring politics even in grief n strife .
Truth prevails at the end though we value sweet lies,
Where we cannot see the hidden tears in our dear one’s eyes.
We forget to admire nature and stay alive ,
We easily spread negative vibes .
We harm all what is useful to us ,
Then complain n make a fuss.
In a world where living is now a threat ,
Still we continue challenging our fate.
Where love is hated and cheated always ,
It’s here in this world people come and some till the end stays.
Till now only we harmed nature ,
And boasted of being the greatest creature .
We live in a world
Where we bow to God only for selfish reasons,
Enjoy watching animals or birds in caged prisons.
Instead of being thankful for what we receive,
We tend to remain ungrateful and deceive.
But we also live in a world
Where one disease has locked us all in one place ,
Now that we have started clearing up the mess.
It has made us ponder over what went wrong ,
Now the King and Beggar all stand in one place to fight out being unitedly strong .


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