Poems by Delwar Hossain



Poems by Delwar Hossain


Your bloomed teeth
may turn your success
Into fiasco, beware of that.

Tears of eyes have been
turned into flowers
After having been dried.

Feelings talk in silence
The Moon gives response
By feeling.


Pin drop silence
Indicates goodness.

Ado and bustle
In the midst of goodness
Causes disturbance
By diverting attention.

Worms in the womb of flowers
Feel like getting shape of rose.
But reality varies
On the demand of time.
Reality makes one fathom
The practicality of life.


The dream I dream
In a drowsy state
Never comes true.

The dream I dream
In imagination
Comes true
For constant endeavour.

Clinging to dream
Is my earnest effort.

Clinging to dream
In a sleeping state
Is my diversion.

Dream generates dream
For human being.
Dream generates fiasco
For the lazy king.


In the midst of you
A promising rose is found
Your dream to do better should be
good and sound.
To make effort
to do good is a must.
Effortless thinking many a time
is reduced to dust.
Be optimist, not to be
in the abyss of despair
In sorrows and sufferings
you ought to do smile,
not to shed tear.

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