Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay
Indian coffee house
On college street
Those days in the nineties
Crowded, cacophonous
Hell of a place
There almost everyday they met!
Amidst all that clamour and shout
They found their cosy corner.
Whispering amidst voices loud!
Hour after hour rolled by,
Dilation of time or was it love’s high?
Ages later things have changed
Like the wind that seldom remains same!
The coffee house is now a mere relic.
A museum where those amorous days live!
She visits it and takes a seat
There the youngesters continue to meet.
On that corner table, against the wall;
She sits gaping at the crowded hall.
Hoping against hope that he walks in,
Might the winds of change some surprise bring!
Those mute letters
Are the voice of my soul
Through them I try to paint
My view of the world;
My ideas and thoughts
That are kept trapped
I knit them in words,
Try to present them whole!
The supressed agony,
The ecstatic joys,
Trepidations, apprehensions
Those silent ploys.
That leave me devastated
Weaving in my core
Tragic stories;
Or create momentous
I exhale all those
Pent up emotions
Arrange them in
Meaningful diction,
And lo! They appear
On blank papers
As emotions
And random musings
This addiction
Imparts solace sublime
I breathe poetry:
My art, my rhymes!
Longings of a Displaced Soul!
As the sun embarked on its descent
He stood staring at the lone sierra
The urn of ash held in the cup of his palm
He scattered it into the air, the order of a father to his son!
It mingled with the amorphous waft of breeze
Traipsing through the puffs of wispy cirrus
It entered the cosmic boulevard;
Or did it find its moorings on the summit?
Those asphalt dust of desires!
Wasn’t it his wish to fly with the wind in his homeland?
When the crimson orb, harnessing all its errant rays
Clears the cerulean to retire to its oblivious cave
Waking, sleeping, dreaming, he had only one wish
The sunset of his homeland and its air to kiss!
And when the pearl glow of Luna would shine
Hugging the mighty Himalayas, soak in its embrace divine!
He would stride the abandoned valley in the darkness of the night
Then melt into nothingness before the sunrise bright!
The longings of a displaced human,
The musings of a migrant’s soul;
Uprooted, fragmented, miseries untold;
Even after death seeks to be whole!

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