Anati Bloch (Israel)


Anati Bloch (Israel)

Wordsmith of sorts, translator, poet (mostly in Hebrew), cloud gazer, Tao cultivator.
Married (24 yrs) to a really nice Guy, mother of two dapper young men, one is currently serving in the IDF, one is 17, we live in the countryside in Israel.
Ancient history: born on a kibbutz, lived in the UK in my teens and in Canada later.


Churning, turning, twisting, yearning
The thoughts are racing like an Indy beast
Raging forward for its brainy feast
Burning the synaptic highways of my mind

Reeling, peeling, dealing, feeling
Emotions collide in pitiful sorrow
Expelling my thoughts into descending burrows
Leaving my body sordid and wasted

Friction, addiction, fact or fiction
Right there at fate and decision junction
My humanly being seems to malfunction
Rendering me helpless, weak and dejected

Here comes the sunlight to power my aura
Next blows the wind to dispel my demise
Enter the wisdom to make me serene
It’s all in your eyes, in your smile in your grin

As thoughts settle and feelings subside
My body regains its energy and size
It’s all in my mind now I can see
Je veux être désirée avec toi mon ami…

Rimous Corpus

I am strewn in clamorous tatter
Of parenthood and childhood matter
So cramped the space, so sparse the feeling
Cannot evade thoughts downhill reeling
My head shouts “nay”, my heart screams “yea”
So my being crumbles into shreds of broken Ys
My sobbing heart fretfully cries, my head denies
Whilst all the while I’m out of play,
Turned into a statue of emotional clay

My rimous corpus becoming frail, from conflict over-kill
Between right and wrong, from fed up to joy
A collision of indecision with myself as toy

Release, I plead; let go I command,
No part in me hears my own ridiculous chime
Somehow I am left to feel like I committed a crime

After a while I wake from my emotional slumber
Deciding to transcend from the annoying heart-head encumber
Releasing myself from their grinding bind
Refusing to be a sheep led by the blind
What will be, will be, as the song once said,
This is when I remember:
It’s all in my head!

Hound Dogs

Don’t send your dogs
Don’t send your guards
I’m not in the flesh
I won’t be found
Put down the torches
Lay down your arms
My body’s fresh
Deep in the ground

The air is still, the silence cold
A rock, a stone, a life untold.

Working Girl

Disarm me. Undress me thus
Mine is the pleasure, yours is the fuss
Allure my being, entice me so –
My body melts like hot alloy
Mold my climax slow and easy
Prepare to jar me jolt and squeeze me
Summit to my peak of bliss
Meet me there –
A short kiss
Harder now, my body claims
Deeper as the buck ($) proclaims –
I am for you just this briefly,
A corner rendezvous at
Vagina Valley and Prick City
I’m done. Leave cash.
Thank you and goodnight
When you leave, turn on the light.

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