Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
My world
My world went black
No sun ,no hope, no smile,
No joy, no light, no love
Only darkness
Only unhappiness
That is my life
Bitter destiny
I cry like a child
I adore you
my pen writes
what my heart dictates
i am happy because
you inspire me
you are my true
work of art
I adore you
Early solitude
Early solitude
In this unhappiness world
The sound of nothing
Wink at me
Tears are like rain.
Sometimes there’s too much…
Sometimes too little.
An opened heart
And opened soul
Magnet for internal
our friendship
dedicated my nice Romanian friend, Vasile
Our friendship
Is like a golden smile that
Warms the coldest night
I am writer
A pencil and paper are my home
Sweet destiny
My footprints
In the sand
Temporary tattoo
you are an angel
dedicated my nice turkish friend
you are an angel
with a big heart and
gentle smile
you are an angel
with a big soul and
beautiful voice
you are a blessing
you are so special to me..
Your eyes truly work of Art
I confess
the truth is
Your eyes truly work of Art.
i confess
The truth is
Your smile like a beautiful poem
I confess
The truth is
you are sweeter then honeydew
i adore you

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