Concorso Letterario Internazionale in lingua italiana: LIBRI DI-VERSI IN DIVERSI LIBRI – DECIMA EDIZIONE 2020-2021 (in memoria di GIOVANNI ARMONE) / Organizzatore: Francesco Urso

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Ветви времени / Татьяна Теребинова

Татьяна Теребинова


Ветви времени

Улыбка воина дышит в движеньи твоего пульса .
Ночь сбросила нам божественное
покрывало неведенья;
пьют росу ожиданья саксаул и чинара.
Ты – горящая лодка; твои волны –
кипящая кровь мысли и ожёг
одиночеством пустынной ночи.
Стеклянная тишина скрыла
Древо Жизни будущих дней
за скалами зноя и жаром тонкого льда.
Мысль – Улитка Вселенной –
свернулась и дышит :
моя рука окунулась в твою руку –
они соприкоснулись словно
новорождённые птенцы.
Ветви времени расправляют
свою огненную листву.
Наше дыханье стережёт
луннокрылый Ангел.
Льётся молитва твоего молчанья.
В моём сердце всегда жив тот час,
где летает бабочка имени твоего!

Dustin Pickering (USA)

  Dustin Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press, and publisher of the poetry and arts journal Harbinger Asylum. He is a former contributor to Huffington Post and a Pushcart nominee. He placed as finalist in Adelaide Literary Journal’s short … Continue reading

ولو أنك لن تأتي (Anche se non verrai) – Poem by Michela Zanarella / Transtated into Arabic Language by Nor Eddine Mansouri

Poem by Michela Zanarella     ولو أنك لن تأتي و لو أنك لن تأتي لتبحث عني بين الناس فأنا لازلت أحتفظ بالحب الذي منحتني و الذي يحميني من الحياة. لم أفقد تخوم عينيك فإن قررت يوما أن تناديني لإختراق … Continue reading

Glória Sofia (Cape Verde)

Glória Sofia (Cape Verde)


Glória Sofia, is a dreamer as most poets. Born in in the city of Praia in Cape Verde, Gloria shares her dreams with her two children.
She graduated in Engineering and Environmental Management in the Azores, another place that she cherishes for allowing her to continue to be an islander.
Gloria is currently pursuing her masters in Management and Nature Conservation in Holland where she lives.
Ever fascinated by writing, she has played with words since she was a child, exchanging dolls for diaries, and finding comfort when her secrets and thoughts are guarded in a white page.
Gloria’s poems capture moments of her journey and are full of passion and the emotions as the author herself
Gloria has grown to make her voice heard in different arenas, believing that in addition to writing about feelings she also needs to speak, shout or take action on some realities.
Among other poetry sites she collaborates with the online newspaper of magazine in the world.
She is also active in other cultural arenas, attending several poetry festivals and sharing her work in numerous websites and magazines (, Azahar, Miombo Publishing Lepan Africa etc…).
She participated in International Poetry Festival in (Curtea de Arges) Romania (2016), (Istanbul) Turkey (2017), Ditet & Naimit Macedonia / Albania (2018).
She was nominated to apply for R. M. and P.A.I
She has been invited for 3 University from Boston (April 2019). Harvard University, Tufts University and Boston University for reading and conversation about genre and literature.

She’s also represented her country Cape Verde in VIII Conference in Portuguese Language Literature UMass Boston.

He wrote the preface to the book “Florescer” by the writer Teresa Ruas.
Gloria’s poems are also interpreted by the singer Américo Brito and by the batuque group Lantuna.
She play guitar in group “Grupo Som de Paz” and write muziek for batuque group “Casa Tiberias”
Her poetry has been translated into more than 10 languages.
She is the Author of the books:
Poetry of Tears (2013);
Ties of Poetry (Brial Publishing, 2014);
Abriel (2018)– Children’s Book – Brial Publishing House 2018 (Bilingual English- Portuguese);
Little Bear – Children’s Book – United-pc publishing, 2019 ( Bilingual Portuguese – Nederland).
Translate book:
Rubans de Poesie (Versão Francesa 2015);
Intricci di Poesia (Versão Italiana Editora Brial 2016);
Lazos de Poesìas (Versão Espanola Editora Brial 2017);


“Without Fear of Infamy” poetry anthology by Scurfpea Publishing;
Anthology “Our Voices Our Stories”: (2019) Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color,
SS Rotterdam Story Promotion (2019);
Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World’ (360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries) 2019 published by Authorspress, New Delhi, India
Anthology on the theme “Being a Woman” (2019) Cabo Verde
Antologia Mundial De Poesia: “La papa, seguridad alimentaria – Bolivia 2018
Ditet & Naimit (Tentovo Macedonia 2018);
2º concurso literário de Edicoes Vieira da Silva Publishing by Edições Vieira da Silva, (2018);
Anthology e-book – immagine poesia – Italia (2018);
Anthology New Creative Anteriority Vol-1 – India 2018;
Poesis 20 Antologia Festival International Noptile de Poezie de La Curtea De Arges,2016);
Mingle Voice 2017 Proverse Hong Kong;
Horizonte de poesia (Antologia 2015 Editora Euedito);
Palavras da alma (Antologia 2015, Editora Brial);


Poems by Glória Sofia



I celebrate the castrated peace
Baptized by the goldfish
Sweats by mines sown
Distributed in coastal areas
I celebrate the ruins of your lips
The disgrace of your smells
What breaks in the stars of your hair

I celebrate the demolition of poetry
The dunes of drowning words
In a tablet grain

I celebrate the urgency of the destruction of the glow
Union of your eyes and sorrows
From letters that laugh at heartbreak

I celebrate miss the letters
Carmins breaking off from the clouds
From the bloody sky
And peace in splashes


Poem Singing

I sing stars for you
I sing the leading hands
The blood in your chest
I sing the riches of my words
I sing the anger of having met you
I sing the violence of your silence
I sing the tears of your past
I sing the ember of your feeling
Singing, Singing, Singing, and Singing
Because I can’t cry


What if poetry and peace

And if the galaxies exploded
In the chest of memory
And if the memories spread
On the wall of being
And if they got together again
Just stay there again
Hot and painful memories

I simply begged
Some kind of sound

To shake the heart of memory
The silent memories that blind me
When the wind tells the sea
That the years age the dreams
And that poetry resides in prison
And not in freedom
That poetry lives in hate
And not i peace
I want only sad wind
To scream that
De poetry is frees

Like in bird
The bird the sing only in trees
and not in the sky
Moon, don´t raize me op
Moon, you just schine in my tears
Sun came with peace inside poetry
Inside wing of the thought
What if poetry and peace
Is only in your eyes


Only poetry frees

A bird is not free
Even when it the sky
With the winds clinging to the wings
Dreams become a cold current

The melody is not free
When the sound is dispersed through thought
It becomes trapped between the fingers of the soul

The smell was never free
The aroma may be the sweet image of innocence
Of a child, even without freedom

The taste was always crushed
Smashe by greediness
Is lost in a locked freedom

The kisses have always been meshed with passion
Only poetry frees men from the pressure of having
Translate:Anita Carapinheiro



The misery of love created me
Heart weakened by heartbreak
From your amputated arms
De government blind
For pride and male chauvinist
Your mind is a shield
That protects the spear from my madness
The healing of the fragile of my emotion
Your mind is a shield to protect us
Yours words bring peace
And in my eyes I give you flowers

Translated by Anita Carapinheiro