Poezi nga Sinan Vaka

Poezi nga Sinan Vaka     FLIRTI   Shpeshherë pyllit qeshin ndjenjat. Rubinë vese ngelen prej natës. Në anësi tek manaferrat, Humbet gëzimi paqedashës.   Të trembur hapit tone brofin Një lepur fshehur me magji, Një ketër hokatomba degësh, Një … Continue reading

Poezi nga Adem ABDULLAHU

Poezi nga Adem ABDULLAHU KISHTE NJË FJALË PREJ GURI Rrënjën kërkoi në tokën e kuqe Ilire, etjen shuajti me shtambë botte, gjithandej kërkoi fjalën prej guri, pa hile, në Anadoll, Londër, Paris,kudo kërkonte. Këngën e qyqes dhe varrin gjurmonte, shpend … Continue reading

Yoshikazu Takenishi (Japan)

  Poet, publisher of poetry magagine, farmer. Born and lives in Wakayama Prefecture(1947). Graduated from Wakayama University of Education. Director of The Japanese Language Education Society of Japan; Invited Educational Adviser in Wakayama City; Editor/Publisher of Poetry Magazine”Potori(Drops of Water)”(Poetry … Continue reading

Poems by By Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by By Tulsi Shrestha



Once I awoke in midnight
My beloved is sleeping
by the side of me.
I noticed her soft
graceful smile.
She tenderly squeezed
the pillow beneath
her head.
I planted a sweet
kiss above her
crimson lips.
My lips enjoyed
heavenly touch
of her slender
finger tips .
It is all
in her half sleep.
When she experienced
a soft caress of mine
above the long blonde
hair, cascaded below
weaving in bed.
She gently caressed
above my chest
and uttered something
that I can’t hear.
Might have spelled
I love you, I love you.
She again smiled
in her deep sleep .
It really sounds
mysterious for me
Tears of joy and pain
floated from my eyes
to remind me
To what extent
I really love her.
I can’t notice…
When did golden dawn
peep out from window;
because of intoxication
of her beauty.
While gazing her
elegant beauty
through out
the whole night
without disturbing
her deep sleep.
The beauty that I watched
the whole night
without expecting
any reward
is indeed
a symbol
of truth and
A base of life
A thing of joy
An essence of mine.



A humble request for both of you
Oh time and space ! Listen to me
Please stop ,infinite journey for truth
Eternal destination of life ,I attained.

I can definitely , fly above I,me and myself
Along with wings of true- unconditional love.
Timeless and formless beyond birth and death
My soul transforms into centre of my own eternity .

Awareness of transcendence with true self within me
Helps me to view the world itself in your love.
I will wrap horizon and break the boundary of universe
I will reflect heaven even inside a grain and drop of rain .
My conscience inspires me to hold the Sun in my palm.

Love is indeed, a source of creation, a spirit of life
Destination of life and a solid reason of smile of life.
Beyond destruction, a reliable path of tranquility .
The hierarchial levels of consciousness within me
Dance with melody of each heart beats of love.

The clarity of my own soul relies on attitude I hold.
I experience a heavenly insight , killing ego within me.
Colors of rainbow fuse altogether with one another
To delight me with ultimate joy of Enlightenment.
I need to realise I am, something more than me.
Through detachment and negation of material gain.
Try to feel me within you, then you can feel world itself in you.

By Tulsi Shrestha
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