Yoshikazu Takenishi (Japan)

Yoshikazu Takenishi (Japan)

Poet, publisher of poetry magagine, farmer.
Born and lives in Wakayama Prefecture(1947).
Graduated from Wakayama University of Education.
Director of The Japanese Language Education Society of Japan;
Invited Educational Adviser in Wakayama City;
Editor/Publisher of Poetry Magazine”Potori(Drops of Water)”(Poetry included essay and study of Manyosyu(Japan Old Songs) and “7 Types of Ambiguity” written by William Empson, 4 times in a year, latest issue 58)
Contributes Essays titled “To enchance Writing Power of Children” to newspaper “Wakayama Simpo”.
Japan Poets Association, Japan Poet Club, Japan Universal Poets Assotiation, Kansai Poets Association, Japan Universal Poetry Association:
Athletics(long distance runner)in university days;
Wakayama University department of Education affiliated Primary school teacher, later vice principal.
Thereafter, appointed to principal of primary school.
Part-time lecturer at Wakayama University, Department Education
Poetry Collection in Japanese
“Suichu Kakurenbo(Hide-and-seek in the River)”(1995)(Tikurinkan)
“Waga Mura TAKAHATA(My Home Village TAKAHATA)”(2002)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Kodomo-Gakko(Elementary School Children)”‘(2004)(Nihon Bungakukan)”Boku to Watashi no Si no Gakko(Poetry School of Boys & Girls)”(2008)(Keisuisya)
“Kinokawa(Kinokawa River)”(2006)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Negoro-ji(Negoro-ji Temple)”(2009)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Professional”(2011)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Takenishi Yoshikazu Shisyu”(Shin-nihon-Gendaishi bunko 105)(2012)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Misaki(Cape Kii Hanto)”(2013)(Coal Sack)
“Tetsugaku no Inu(The Dog in Philosophy)”(2014)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Toi Yama no Yobigoe(Voices from Distant Country)”(2015)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hanbai)
“Si de tunagu furusato no kioku(The Poets in the Memory of my country included essay)”(2016)
“Kuwa ni Sabi(Rust on the Hoe)”(2019)(Doyo Bijyutusya Shuppan Hnbai)
Japanese-English Bilingual Poetry Collection
“Ninja”(2017)(Japan Universal Poets Association),
“Duet of Iron”(Co-authorized with Viacheslav Kupriyanov in Russia)(2017)(Japan Universal Poets Association)
Hakuhodo Prize(Japanese Education Sector and Individual)(1989),
Sarashina-Gennzo Literary Prize(2002).
1st Poetry Prize in Wakayama Cultural Festival(1989)
Poetry Prize in the 12th National Culture Festival in Kagawa(1997),
Poetry Prize in the 15th National Culture Festival in Hiroshima(2000),
Poetry Prize in the Festival of Kobe(2001),
Poetry Prize in the Festival of Kobe(2003),
Poetry Prize in the 19th National Culture Festival in Fukuoka(2004),
Poetry Prize in the 20th National Culture Festival in Fukui(2005),
Poetry Prize in the Festival of Kobe(2005),
The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize in the 25th National Culture Festival in Okayama(2010),
Poetry Prize of Nikkei Radio Broadcasting in Tokyo (2012),
1st Poetry Prize of sikaku(poem tanka haiku) in Tokyo(2014),
Poetry Prize in Kanazawa (2016),
Poetry Prizein the 25th National Culture Festival in Nara(2017),
1st Poetry Prize in Kanazawa (2019),
Another winning prizes are a lot.
〈Partisipation to International Poetry Festival〉JUNPA 5th Aniversary Comemorative International Poetry Festival (2017),
Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy Poetry Reading(2018~2019)
In the Rain of July
In the field where the leaves of fruit-plants were withering
The thunder rumbled suddenly in the air
And it began to rain heavily.
The farmer thanks toward the dark sky raising his eyes
With his hands together.
It continued to rain for a while.
The withered plants came back to life.
After rainfall fogs appeared
And begin to move from valleys up to mountains.
The dark sky brings the fogs up into the clouds.
He puts his hands together again toward the raising fogs
And he grips his hoe tightly.
Dripping Sweat
Falling in drops
From chin,
From nose,
From forehead.
He was in a sweat.
Sweat only knows the figures of clear drops.
It continues to drip from every part of his body.
The sweat had held the tiredness of field work in his body
And at last dropped because of its heaviness.
In His Country
After raining the stream of water
Carried the soil away leaving stones behind.
When it continues to rain,
Bushes and weeds are growing thick in the fields.
They hide the soil and farm products among them.
And easily take them away.
What does the bushes and weeds take away from him ?
The birds peck the fruits in the trees,
The wild animals take harvests away from the fields.
All dramas are presented in the heat of summer.
What is left behind in his mind?

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