Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



Watching autumn through the window of my own life.
What I really notice is “Philosophy of Life ”
Each-crisp leaf that falls from its branches of tree,
Reminds me of coming birthday of my own death.
An echo of bitter reality. …”A cessation of breathing life”
Death is destination and conclusion of life.
Due to fear of death, my heart beats with dissonance.
Oscillates between hope of “Life and its Death ”
Trying to lie no other than myself. …..
Contradiction and conflict decorate
The gate of heart to welcome “Dissonance ”
To profoundly launch ” A Cognitive War ”
Between my own body and its soul.

Autumn comes to break the faith of my wings.
Untreatable and unbearable agonies of my body
Ensure liberation for despair of joy.
From the veil of fear, pain and grief
I shout aloud for “Mercy of Death ”
I want empathy from my own death.
To end struggle for my own existence.
There will be no flow of even a drop of tears
For me “An Unnoticed Entity ”
Vultures in my own courtyard ,might be waiting
For their own share of my flesh.
My existence in dissonance still hopes
My resurrection in the day of final judgement.
I do expect rebirth of my soul as like that of nature.



A Red Rose ,Oh My Dear
The fabulous fragrance of Red Rose
Spread breath of joy and glory of love .

Symbolised as a spirt of celestial love
To create beauty within glory of her love .

A quest of an alone humming bird
Ended with the first sight of red rose.

Mesmerising beauty of oh my love
Skipped breath and beats of mine.

My heart sang a glorious song of love
Red Rose swayed with music of breeze.

A Red Rose of my own choice
Believe me ! I picked up for my life

A thirst for infinite love and lust
Well quenched with divine cost .

The lyrical smile of your crimson lips
Echoed again in my ears so deep

Radiant beams of your shy red cheeks
Added musical vibes in my heart beats .

Blood stream of two aching hearts
Mingled to compose poem of love .

The blue sky created floating clouds
For lucious flights of two love birds .

Love birds twined with each other
To create beauty within glory of love.

Tulsi Shrestha 
@copyright reserved

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