TO ALL MOTHERS (TO ALL MOTHERS) – Poem By Krishna Prasai / Rendition in English & Spanish by Eden S Trinidad

Poem By Krishna Prasai   TO ALL MOTHERS Mother often said, “The cash and rice Your brothers collected from deusi Were used to manage The cost of your name-giving ritual.” The same daan for the festival of Tihar Too … Continue reading

Poems by Violeta Marquez

Poems by Violeta Marquez   *** Quiet, with apples, does not mean that you are lifeless! Life is always right That will drag Your life. Stay awake Life just one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shut up, with apples, doesn’t mean you’re free from … Continue reading

Maki Starfield (Japan)

Maki Starfield (Japan)   Maki Starfield was born in Japan, where she studied English and American literature, teaching and business, with further work in Canada. She has published poems, haikus and translations in JUNPA publications : Duet of Dots co-authored … Continue reading

Poezi nga Zeliko Qyra

Poezi nga Zeliko Qyra Zeliko Qyra aktualisht është studente në Universitetin “Aleksandër Xhuvani” Elbasan. Poezia ka qënë hobi i saj qysh kur ishte fëmijë, por fillimet e lëvrimit të kësaj gjinie nisën me pjekurinë e saj artistike dhe estetike. E … Continue reading