Lela Kokona Dardha

Lela Kokona Dardha Shkrimtarja Lela Kokona Dardha, ka lindur në Tiranë në vitin 1950. Ka mbaruar shkollën e gjuhëve të huaja, për rusisht. Zotëron gjuhën Italiane dhe gjuhën frënge. Ajo ka filluar të shkruajë qysh herët, por pa pasur mundësi … Continue reading

Dalla Bielorussia le poesie di Maria KOBETS

Dalla Bielorussia le poesie di Maria KOBETS https://farapoesia.blogspot.com/…/dalla-bielorussia-le-poes… Poetessa bielorussa, traduttrice, redattrice del dipartimento di notizie della Broadcasting Company “Brest”. Autrice di tre raccolte di poesie, partecipante a numerose raccolte collettive, membro dell’Unione degli scrittori di Bielorussia, membro dell’Unione degli … Continue reading



Leading Chinese author in English Sophy Chen will arrive in the Philippines on Sunday, July 29, 2018, to meet with Dr. Epitacio Tongohan (aka Doc Penpen), acclaimed Father of Visual Poetry and founder of Pentasi B World, to herald and kickoff the preparations for the most ambitious literary event in 2019, the 2019 China World Poetry Festival, to be held in Guangzhou City.

Sophy Chen, a multi-awarded author for her poems and translations of Chinese poems into English, will be welcomed by Doc Penpen and Zambaleno poets in English at the Okada Manila Hotel where she will be staying during the duration of her visit.

Sophy Chen was a recipient of the International Best Translator Award in 2012 and the Chinese Contemporary Translation Award in 2014. She has already translated and published six Chinese poetry collections into English. They were The Flower Swaying, The Tibetan Incense, The Outlook of Life, The Different Tunes, The Body Forward and a Poetry Biography for White Snake.

She is scheduled to finalize an agreement with Pentasi B in making her officially as the principal host, sponsor and co-organizer of the 2019 China World Poetry Festival that will be participated in by 2019 highly selected poets from around the world.

The 2019 China World Poetry Festival, first of its kind in the host country, was enthused and inspired by Pentasi B World’s series of global poetry festivals in British Columbia, Canada in 2012; Los Angeles, California, USA in 2012; Philippines in 2013; Turkey in 2014; Italy in 2016; Ghana, Africa in 2016; Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, India in 2017; and Morocco also in 2017.

The last biggest poetry event co-organized by Pentasi B World was held in October, 2017 held in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India. Indeed, in 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi personally welcomed more than 100 organizations of poets from all over India and 38 delegates from 23 different countries.

Aside from finalizing the initial components of the preparations for the ambitious event, Sophy Chen will also formally announce during her three-day visit in the country the selection by the festival awards committee and the approval of 10,000 poets worldwide of Filipino poet and author Edwin Cordevilla as one of the major awardees during the 2019 China World Poetry Festival.

The 2019 China World Poetry Festival is the most ambitious poetry event yet as it will be participated by 2,019 poets from around the world and will also be the occasion to launch the compendium anthology of 2,019 highly selected contemporary poets/poems from various countries all over the world.

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