Aneeta Chitale (India)

Aneeta Chitale (India)
For Aneeta Chitale loves writing poems on war and peace, nature, woman and climate change. Her poems are globally published in various literary international journals, Atunis Galaxy in Belgium OnLine Magazine and great anthologies and most recently published in USA n France. She is a bestselling author of her debut novel based on India’s bilateral relations with Republic of Maldives.
A bilingual poet read in Egypt, Bangladesh, Nepal and Greece.
She is a critic for famous authors.
Adding feathers to her cap, she has also has acted in a movie in India.
Peace Begins In Our Heart
Raging nations
Waging wars for arsenal
and ascending frontiers
Flying hawkers, stinger missiles, gunshots and tanks buring in blazes
All to shoot the enemy down
Do or Die! Is the godam word
Bloody bath, and battle cry
Is seen in ghost towns and barns
Killing of innocent people, the old and the young- too naive to understand the ploys of coy nations!
The nation bleeding, people fleeing
All refugees now, in foreign lands
Escape ! Refuge! Harassed minds and Hallucinations of the bombings
Sirens trilling , orphaned children and deluded , helpless parents.
Living in bare minimums now , in charred buildings n bunkers
Life tumbled like a pack of cards!
Life is so fragile!
Exodus of a nation
Crying for Peace!
Peace to breathe Peace to feel Peace to preserve brotherhood !
By (c) Poet Aneeta Chitale