Romani ”DAMKOSJA E ENGJËJVE” i autorit Vullnet Mato në këndvështrimin estetik të shkrimtares Vjollca Tiku Pasko.

  Romani  ”DAMKOSJA E ENGJËJVE”  i autorit  Vullnet Mato në këndvështrimin estetik të shkrimtares Vjollca Tiku Pasko.     Një model i arkitekturës letrare, gdhendur mjeshtërisht nga gjëmimet, dhimbjet , vuajtjet, me shkreptimat e penës së shkrimtarit Vullnet Mato. Kur … Continue reading

The Devil I Paid For Advice / By Jeta Vojkollari




What if your psychotherapist can’t even help herself?


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What if your psychotherapist can’t even help herself?

Sabrina, a psychotherapist, has a convoluted relationship with her shallow boyfriend, Tom. The relationship has filled her with hate for all men and causes her to twist the advice to her clients while living her life vicariously through them. Her counselling sessions are ruthless and her advice nothing less than poisoned knives that lacerate each client’s soul.

In the turbulent post-communist capital of Albania, values have been contorted and the old ways lost. Decency lives side by side with manipulation and deceit; a fantasy life that blurs the distinction between glamour and reality, fiction and truth. In her difficult journey of self-discovery, Sabrina struggles to remain objective as a psychotherapist, often leading her clients dangerously astray.

“From the first few pages, The Devil I Paid For Advice impresses and surprises, it lures the reader in and forces her to read it in one breath.” – Agron Shele, Writer, Poet, Essayist, Poetry of Galaxy Atunis.




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JETA VOJKOLLARI was born and raised in Tirana, Albania. She studied Economics at the University of Tirana. Jeta has won awards for several song lyrics, two of which became hits. Her experience and passion to write has led her to this book. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and works for the City of Toronto.

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Author : Jeta Vojkollari

Translator :  Ledja Derveni

Editor: Jack Kirchhoff