The Eyes of Heaven (Part—-90 – 91) / Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


The Eyes of Heaven 

She stated dictated,
Tormented my thoughts,
Frustrated mutilated,
Perished thwarts,
Captured in caged,
With stone granites,
Fixed me in to her universal nest,
Soil being dust,
My ashes with lust,
She bathed with joy,
Dancing as fragrance,
Rich on to high,
With five element’s sacred,
While Sacred two,
She holds perfect,
I want to taste that’s,
That’s live in to nest,
Rest in her navel serpentine,
O, Dear Princess,
With comes divine gloss,
Let me dive in your gloss,
Let me bath divine shower,
Let me shuck hollow wholes,
Let me perished myself,
In your’s hollow divine bliss,
Let me breath your fragrance,
Let me taste your essence,
Let me lust with your sense,
Let me dance in your’s divine whole,
Let me sprout again,
Let me Flourished in thy arms,
Let me shuck divine charms,
Let me dive in thy river,
Let me sink in her depth,
Aah, Let me die again,
O, Dear Princess,
Let me drunken so deep,
With your’s divine bliss,
In to the Jar of your’s wine sweet,
Want to sink in to serpentine,
Please inhale & swallow me again,
Wanted to die in your navel,
Hence so free from my soul,
The deeds and means of my soul,
O, Dear Princess,
You can’t move away,
You can’t go away,
You can’t go to sleep,
Even to wake-up crust,
I’m thy prayers,
I’m thy shears,
I’m thy shrine,
I’m your’s mine,
I’m your’s nothingness,
I’m your’s wholeness,
I’m your’s universe,
Hold me perfect,
I’m your’s poetry in cosmos,
O, Dear Princess my Rhythms-divine,
She pressed her soft palm,
Just on my chest,
Oh, Perhaps in trance immortal,
Covered with white clouds,
Laying down carelessly,
At mid around pyre,
In heavenly crematory,
She hold & help me to sitting now,
She too sit in front of,
With full drunken eyes,
With smile,
Secrets hold!


The Eyes of Heaven 

Raining of pearls,
On crematory at mid night,
Me surprise to see down,
On Mother-earth,
All over covered with pearls,
I gather some pearls on my palm,
Melted surprisingly & slipped,
Again it’s convert in to pearls,
Aah, The tears of the princess,
I’m totally puzzled at crematory,
Where she is now,
Me run toward the Heaven,
Leave abandoned the crematory,
On their’s destiny,
Oh, She is drinking,
Drink of desires of Mother-earth,
She sitting in the Eyes of the Heaven,
Her body disinterested as clouds,
Thats all inheld,
By the eyes of Heaven,
Convert in to tears,
Third Eyes full of tears,
Converts as raining of pearls,
On Mother-earth and all-over,
Me so sad tormented,
Leaving my existence,
As smoke so ever,
My existence now merged,
My soul become her feed,
Now nothing but memory perhaps,
Or not so who say,
Perhaps she determined to make,
Earth another on its spirit,
Ancestor’s kingdom open its door,
The pious souls come out to journey,
On Mother-earth as new born,
The womb of Mother-earth,
Filled with angels,
Aah, So Beautiful morning,
Awaited on the horizon,
Pair of Duck start singing,
In Milky-lake on Mountain-high,
Parijat filled with new leafs,
Now raining stop with morning,
Sudden the Droplets,
Humming in my ear,
O, You look your self,
New sign on your’s soul,
Don’t worry,
Now you the charm of Heaven,
I just turned behind to see Her,
She looks like maiden Princess,
She just come and stand in front of,
Third Eyes of Heaven,
Closed as budding flower,
Now she appeared with,
Third Eyes on Her forhead,
Me scared to her aura,
She hold my hand to Parijat,
Under the soothing air of Parijat,
She lay down on my lap,
Third Eyes is open,
While two is closed,
Went in to deep slumber,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

Lomas Kumar Bhatt ©®