Shelter / Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy

Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy 
“ I need a shelter” was a soul’s prayer,
“Granted”, came the voice from ether.
Choose your shelter !
Another generous offer
I found a beautiful,ajar enclosure
The shelter was inviting and warm
It had its own gorgeous charm
I decorated my shelter
With five elements of nature
Very Conveniently, my shelter grew from outside
As if it wanted to secure me from all sides
The outer growth was so magical ,
For a long time it made me delusional
Though it never betrayed me
I was happy only until reality dawned on me
Encased in an earthly shelter all these years
I just experienced the world go by
The solemn contract of life
Was gratified this way
My goal was to be one with the eternity
But Alas!
Having lost the opportunity,
Now all I have is a worn-out body.

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