TO MY SON / Poem by Dr. Maria Miraglia

Poem by Dr. Maria Miraglia



If someone doubts of love
he should see thee and thee
when sharing
your endearments and cuddles

Your tender words
like rosebuds
gently spreading their scent around
their sound
sweet music to the ears
your eyes bright stars
their flickering light
gleaming on the dark mantle
of the night

So delightful to look at you
when smiling
like children that have just opened
their Christmas gifts

Your love story, my son
warms my heart
and make me live my days
with a stronger belief
in life and
in men’s fate

By Maria Miraglia

Diku duhet t’i vendos edhe këto bastarde… (ΚΑΠΟΥ ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΝΑ ΤΑ ΒΑΛΩ ΚΙ ΑΥΤΑ ΤΑ ΜΠΑΣΤΑΡΔΑ…) – Panos Stathojiannis / Shqipëroi: Vasil Çuklla

Panos Stathojiannis Diku duhet t’i vendos edhe këto bastarde… – Herë – herë, ndodhin gjëra tmerrësisht të çmendura, gjëra, që as truri i njeriut, nuk i nxe. Rallë, mirësisht, por ndodhin. Përshembull – bjen natë. – Për pagjumësi, dallon Çehovi. … Continue reading


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ  Poeta, narradora, editora, traductora y gestora cultural internacional. Autora de cinco libros de poesía.Editora y compiladora del libro “Voces Poéticas de Nuevo Siglo”, Kafla Intercontinental (2016). Editora de seis antologías internacionales de poesía y narrativa. Poeta publicada en … Continue reading