Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


The sparks

The sparks Cinderella
Inner fantasy, roses, roses of
Lyrical tender, river flows
Flowing magic waves of love

The sparks Cinderella
Friendly gaze, a lover
Beautifully embracing
The gift of love

The sparks Cinderella
The layers of brightness
Loving rays of life
Mighty smile and laughter

The sparks Cinderella
The power of love
The magic lamp within, beautifying hearts
Colors of love and happiness


On the wall

On the wall
Everlasting portraits
Spring leaves beauteous
Hanging with mirth
Lustrous images
A walking shadow

On the wall
Sketching spoken
Portrayal of loveliness
Golden smile, pleasing
A dynamic laughter
Blood flowing trough
Gleeful veins

On the wall
Brilliant portraits
A walking shadow
Enhancing daily bliss
Magical strength gaining, joyous
Momentous moments

Jean C Bertrand

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