Poems by Sher Chandley 

Poems by Sher Chandley 


Moments With You

How sweet the memories
That sugar my mind
Yet I will gladly pay 
Everything I have
For more moments with you.


By The Light Of A Purple Moon

I am in a forgotten place
So old it’s primordial
Where the earth is splintered
Like a sloping pincushion
By giant boles of ancient trees
Wrapped in creeping mists
Where my wolf tribe howls
My bearclan loudly growls
Taloned eagles watch for me
Trees courteously give way
Bushes shrink accommodatingly
Pebbles and rocks pave my way
So I can glide through like air
To a herbstrewn faery glen
Lit by a ring of lamplight
From a hazy purple moon
It’s there I grub for roots
The roots of heaven
The roots of good and evil
It’s there I juice berries
Chew weird leaves into paste
There also,is the tree of humanity
Which when I uproot it , find
More questions than answers
Seen that nonsense before
So I take a white root
Wrap it in black skin
Like carrots in potatoe jackets
Juice it with blue berry
Add a dose of love
Some seeds of understanding
A spittle of weird nature paste
Then all into my melting pot
Some Dragon fire to bring to boil
Soon the whole place is effused
By a lovely odiferous perfume
Which through my nose
Delightfully wafts into my brain
The walls come tumbling down
Like order being restored
I remember everything
I see past , present and future
Desire in repugnance
All the stories in truth
Makes me understand people
Makes me understand the world
Although I am perturbed by the cyclical
I still feel a great peace
You see for everyone
There comes a time
When secrets must be told
Even the ones you deny and bury
Like my precious lovely roots
No amount of knowledge
Ancient or futuristic
Can keep death at bay
You can only yield eternity
If you prepared to die
There is death and there is death
Know what I mean
Let’s kill the rotten souls
The pearl stays pure
While the oysters flesh rots .

@ Sher Chandley 



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