Poems by Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy

Poems by Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy


Why Feedback…?

I read everything that comes my way.
And also post a feedback as my say,
On what has been painstakingly written
For public viewing and an honest opinion.

Do I post my feedback on others’ works,
Hoping to get their comments as perks
On the poems and articles that I write,
With a fond hope of not being taken light?

Most definitely, a feedback enables to improve;
Any glitches in one’s writes, it helps to remove…
Feedback is a process of mutual assistance;
A process that promotes literary coexistence.

A feedback signals a positive sign
To the writers to rectify and refine
Their works with exacting and total care,
To make the final product a delectable fare!

To give feedback, please don’t ever hesitate.
And a little of your time, please do dedicate,
To write a positive and meaningful comment
And forge a partnership for each others’ ascent!


The Weekend To Dos…

On Friday night of every week,
Without fail my notepad I seek,
To make a list of things to do,
Over the weekend without ado.

To get up early on Saturday’s not easy,
As the week’s “toil” makes me so lazy
That I always end waking up quite late,
And continue the lazing in supine state!

My To Do List for Saturday goes for a toss,
Quite a bit of guilt, it manages to cause.
I tell myself, I’ll make it all up on Sunday;
I’ll surely attend to the list any which way.

Late return from an outing on Saturday night,
Leaves me tired and on Sunday morn I fight
To get up early and fresh, with all my might,
But lo and behold! It’s one more bullet I bite!

Every weekend, the same story tends to unfold,
Causing me a sense of guilt and misery untold.
As most items in my To Do List remain unticked,
I tell myself, “Paddy, you deserve to be kicked!”

Next weekend, I will surely complete,
All the unfinished tasks clean and neat.
Whether my resolve meets with success,
Is I am sure, by now, anybody’s guess.


Some Musical Notes…

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni..
Do Re Me Fa So La Ti..
Seven notes that create magic
In Indian and Western Music!

Kritis, Ghazals, Bhajans, Thumri or Dadra,
Symphony, Jazz, Rock, Reggae or Opera –
All from these seven notes emanate,
And ah, musical ambrosia they create!

Octaves, Soprano, Crescendo or an Aalap,
Beats of the drum or a simple Tabla dhaap –
All make the swaras and notations dance,
Sending rasikas and connoisseurs into a trance!

Veena, Violin, Sarod and Sitar,
Piano, Flute, Clarinet and Guitar –
All add to the magic of melody,
And create a musical rhapsody.

For every mood, there’s a song,
That lifts you up before long..!
Music adds meaning to life,
Whether in joy or in strife!


The Trinity of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart,
And Thyagaraja, Shyamasastri and Dikshitar
Were all contemporaries,
Creating musical history!

(Thyagaraja, Shyamasastri and Dikshitar were great composers and are known as the Trinity of South Indian Classical Music)

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